World Press Freedom Day: A Cheap PR Stunt for an archaic profession.

Today is a canned event decreed World Press Freedom Day.


Yes, those Kardashian-pushers need more freedom to gossip and rip off press releases.

And to show how out of touch journalists are with the world they are covering, just look at this headline from the Daily Star: Message to journalists and people.

Journalists are apparently better than people who deserve top billing.

But that's just the tip of the iceberg.

The Globe and Mail has their little section telling the little people they are covering their stories, a if they weren't appealing to Establishment for decades, covering stories of the elite as they deliberately ignore the Great Unwashed. The Toronto Star is pulling every manipulative stunt while ignoring all of the tragedies journalists are directly responsible for creating with their irresponsible work.

You have the Drum spewing drivel about Reporters Without Borders pretending they are combatting "fake news", when they have been perpetrators of propaganda that sparked wars for decades. That superhero narrative has worn thin years ago.

You have the Brookings Institute have the nerve to muse about the importance of a "free press" without confronting the fact that journalism schools never progressed and never taught students the science of information-gathering.

And CNN, an outlet has plays in the gutter as they spew partisan propaganda, are trying to exploit it to make themselves into something other than a public relations firms' best friend.

We need freedom of information, but with a corrupted industry, there are other ways of doing it.

Journalism isn't it. It's methods and style can be easily emulated.

And so, it is a better to create a better way to do it, than pick a day to shill a dead industry with using propaganda to frighten people into using a useless product...