Is journalism really in that much trouble? Yes, it is that bad.

Watching CNN equate Morgan Freeman's behaviour with the likes of Harvey Weinstein does an incredible disservice to women.

It is not as if women cannot tell men to drop dead all on their own if they do not like the mush the man is spewing.

It is nothing like workplace terrorism, but in trying to ride on the coattails of #MeToo, CNN is making a mockery of placing an irritating bad habit with a willful abuse of power.

Or compare to what Bill Cosby has been convicted of doing. The issue is being actively diluted by a clueless press desperate to regain audiences who abandoned then over the years.

Some audiences still don't get it. It cannot be that bad, never realizing it was that bad over a decade ago -- bad enough for me to chronicle the mess in my first book Don't Believe IT!: How lies become news.

It got worse after that. It got worse because people never bothered to make demands of their press.

They never bothered with media literacy. They never bothered to shake the narrative that there is some They organization out there who oversee what journalists do and create empirically-tested standards.

There is no They. Journalism's lack of professionalism in that regard is profound: you decide who you will vote for based on what you hear -- and the source is usually some press release rehashed in a media story.

It is akin to consulting a doctor who doesn't have to study medicine or have to get a licence to practice.

Journalism always suffered from benign neglect: from those who owned media properties to the media who used to depend on the press to keep informed. Everyone always took everything for granted because (a) legacy media outlets were the gate-keepers, and (b) they were making money churning out their product.

Once those two conditions were no longer a truism, the signs of neglect became blaring.

Except to those who still believe in the Great Pumpkin known as They.

If journalism had a passionate matriarch or patriarch -- there would be guidance, and it would still be a thriving thing. Journalism is a profession that needed parental nurturance, but was left unattended and merely tolerated until something better came along.

  It got into the hands of asset-squeezers and partisan ideologues that used and abused it.

It was never mentored with visionaries that honestly loved it and believed it could grow and change to mature and blossom.

None of it happened.

And it died of neglect.

It is a true shame, and the greatest shame Western society willfully allowed because of that delusion that there is a They doing all the heavy lifting.

Memo: there never was.

So yes, journalism has crashed and burned.

And you have no alternative. None at all...