Donna Skelly's very bad day. No feather in that cap, just bad press.

Donna Skelly was a journalist for CHCH for years in another life until she embarked on another career of running as a candidate for the PC Party. She finally managed to win as a city counsellor, and now she is a provincial candidate in the latest election.

She had a long career in journalism; and optics and research is something she should know extremely well. 

And yet she has made a blunder holding up a cap of a website group that is very partisan.

Her excuse was that she had "no idea", which is very surprising. With smart phones that have fabulous data plans, vetting is takes a few moments. 

And as a politician, she should have her ear to the ground and know the ideological landscape.

When you live in the public eye, there is no shortage of people angling to snap pictures of you as they push their own agendas.

And with a single photograph, one ideological group captured an image of her essentially validating their venture -- as another polar ideological group use that same image to incite their own flock. 

As a former journalist and anchor, Skelly has no excuse. She knows the game, and has now positioned herself as some sort of hapless pawn -- not the sort of image you want to cultivate when you are vying for a position with power...