More mass violence in Canada and the US: Do we blame the tools -- or the people?

Toronto has had a bombing. Not too long ago, they had a van plough into pedestrians, killing quite a few before the rampage was over.

The United States had another school shooting. They keep having them with the last one also having other weapons that didn't work, but it seems violent people are upping their games to include weapons other than guns.

But the game of gun control of seriously preventing a more pressing issue to be addressed: why is there so much violence, that a body count is becoming a frequent occurrence in these two countries? Once upon a time, everyone pointed at The Terrorists, and when that theory proved wanting, it was Gun Control.

No one has been right. There is real violence problem going on right now, but it has be hijacked and politicized. It is not about guns. It is about having out of control people explode.

And it is becoming normalized.