A peculiar publicity stunt...

Masked men storm a newsroom, make mess, and go out of their way to give them a bad "award" for their negative coverage.

As an intimidation tactic, it is a very poor one. Charlie Hebdo it is not. It is far too immature and cringeworthy to be anything but a stunt.

In fact, it guarantees a news outlet will write about it, whine about it, thump their chests about it, and then other media outlets and organizations will howl in unison.

Vice will milk this for all it is worth to build up their image which has taken a beating in the last couple of years with a reputed editor drug dealer and sexual abuse in the workplace. It works in a media outlet's favour; so much so that you don't see those old movie throwback gambits these days.

Yet it is not unprecedented, but you may be surprised to know the context was not an extreme right wing group, but a feminist Left that took place on March 18, 1970, when a group of over one hundred feminists stormed the offices of the Ladies' Home Journal to make demands that the nearly all-male staff have a better grip on women's coverage and issues.

It was an all-day affair and three years later, the first female editor took the helm of the magazine.

The reasons were different. The method was very different. And the outcome was also different. In the 1970 Sit-In, it placed the heat on the magazine and made them accountable. This latest stunt -- and it is a stunt -- works in the publication's favour. Only someone who wasn't media-savvy would think such a move would frighten a publication or make them look bad...