Memo to the bigots at Twitter: Millions of people use Cyrillic writing. Shame on you.

Twitter's bigotry and cowardice knows no bounds.

As in suspending people who write in Cyrillic regardless of message is bigoted. Period.

There are people writing hateful things in English and other languages -- are you suspending people who write in those languages?

No, because you are bigoted and ignorant.

What is the problem? Are Westerns such empty-headed polyglots, that all they have to do is look at Cyrillic and turn into mindless zombies?

Twitter must be pulling some real vile propaganda on the populace themselves if that is the conclusion they have come to.

Just how little respect do you have for human race?

And so, because you are cowering so violently, here is a message for Twitter:

Само кукавице мрзе ћирилицу...