An alternative to journalism is a science of understanding reality.

My works sit in Ivy League bookshelves, but I never had the need to be in the spotlight or am starving for attention. I do my research, and when I strike, I do so strategically. Always with a greater purpose, and my end goal is not obvious, particularly to those who use patriarchal scripts as their guide.

It is the reason negging and mansplaining doesn't plant little seeds in my soul. I do not flatter or get impressed. People who are insecure try to create panic and insecurity and if you do not buy their narrative that they are superior to you in some sort of imagined pecking order, they throw their temper tantrums with insults, gossip, and all sorts of pathetic melodrama. Sooner or later, they realize I do not care, and am still focussed on my goal as I ignore them.

Drawing lines in the sand won't work with me. I am eccentric idealist, but not stupid. 

I have been trained since I was a kid to look beyond the obvious. As one of my teenaged friends once accurately quipped about me, while all the other kids were reading dirty magazines with a flashlight under their blankets, I was reading Freud.

It's true.

Freud and Mark Wilson.

I was a huge fan of stage magicians, and my goal was always to figure out how my senses were being manipulated and deceived.

I learned that the same principles of optical manipulation could apply to other areas with better success, such as painting, but other places had a darker motive.

I used to test myself by figuring out how other so-called "amazing" feats were actually being done. So-called reality shows employ them and their feints are beyond obvious, for example, especially when you watch the credits and the script writers are right there.

I have had people stop speaking to me because I pointed out of staged these things were.

But I saw it on the news all the time. Sometimes it was the so-called "videographers" in the early days who were being filmed (meaning there was a camera crew following them), other times, it is so-called "war correspondents" who pretend to skulk in the night so that they wouldn't be shot at by enemy soldiers, but with all those glaring lights they are dragging with them would give them away. Apparently, soldiers have super-hearing, but are completely blind.

Journalists have done their share of fudging, but more times than not, people were fooling gullible journalists into falling for very basic ruses.

For example, it took journalists this long to clue in that Donald Trump's tweets aren't what they seem, as in maybe all those typos may be there on purpose and maybe (gasp!) Trump isn't writing them.

Hello to reality!

Deliberate typos? Of course, it is an old ruse -- the same way Starbucks had baristas deliberately misspell customer names on the cups because people would post it on the socials, giving them free advertising, all while making customers feel superior, even as Starbucks was getting richer.

That there are ghostwriters? There have been advertisements in publications such as Variety and Media Bistro looking for people to ghostwrite celebrity tweets.

I don't read Trump's tweets because it is a form of misdirection: as all the petty little people stare at them, they aren't looking at the things they should be concentrating on.

Even stage magician will deliberately make "mistakes" to lull the audience into thinking he is not as good as they could be -- and then ta da! -- he proves to be the master all along.

Grifters who pretend to read minds or see the future will also deliberately put in errors for the same reason.

The CIA manual also instructed spies to look and act stupid to have their targets underestimate their cunning.

There is a modern-day term for it, as anyone who is into tropes already knows.

It also just dawned on journalists that some of Michael Jackson's magical moves, were also dependent on the same ruses stage magicians use, such as rigged shoes and stage.

But it takes sometimes decades for journalists to see the mundane reality because journalism focussed on sensational winners and heroes for all too long -- it is a patriarchal script that is always looking for special.

This is not the ways of reality. That is the realm for pacifying fantasy.

Narrative corrupted journalism. It started normally enough, and then became extreme because there was too much competition and rivalry, and extreme narrative eventually becomes propaganda.

For people such as me who studied psychology and stage magic, it is very obvious. When you are not an attention-seeker who is desperate for validation, or wish to force people to walk lockstep with your worldview because deep down, you know you're wrong, you are not looking for stories. You are looking for facts.

And when you are focussed on facts, you are not engaged in petty fake vendettas or have an ego that always needs stroking. You are focussed on seeing reality to find the truth.

An alternative to journalism isn't taken by the negging grifters who are trying to get more than they deserve: it exposes those cons and liars to inform the public of what is real, and what is fake.

No true fact-gatherer would be taken in by tweets, for example. The first question is how do you verify the true author of those missives -- and whether those missives are a stratagem of war.

As another text on combat told us, war is deception; therefore, every lie told is an act of violence on the truth.

But that's what happens when you are all about the patriarchal narrative: you can't see reality in front of you because it is in your way as you see it as an inconvenience you can deny to the point of it just going away.

It doesn't work that way.

Humility is the best trait a fact-gatherer can possess: you have a respect for reality, and are not playing games trying to scare off your demons through your job.

Journalism has proved an incapable model of information-gathering; it is the reason this site is becoming an alternative to it. Reality is not something to fear or avoid -- but something to chronicle as we open our eyes to the big picture.

That is the foundation to a science of understanding reality. It is about ignoring the interpretations and going straight for the bottom line to find solutions in a world that is overburdened by opinion, but starving for pure information...