New York Times enables bad solutions. Another school shooting. And another stupid op-ed piece not grounded in reality.

Another American school shooting, with a body count.

The New York Times, a manipulative rag that revels in sophistry and the confirmation bias, has this piece of propaganda again harping on gun control -- but suggesting that the Left can trick opponents by framing their demands with a "public health" narrative.

Why does the news media consistently proffer the ineffective "solution" of removing guns from people with homicidal tendencies?

Because the real cause would go against their simplistic narrative.

You can take away guns, but guns are not imbued with magical spells to cause people to become violent. It is not as if you remove guns that you remove the problem.

You take away the guns, people can use cars to kill people. They can make bombs to kill people. They can poison people. They can stab people. They can find other ways to harm people on a mass scale, as Canada and the UK can attest to these days.

They can buy illegal guns. They can make their own guns.

Grow up.

But if you say you have violent youth, then the net widens -- we can compare and contrast school killers -- and, for starters, we can look at their upbringing -- and should some of those children have progressive and permissive parents -- that will break the spell that the Left have all the correct answers and should be in charge of everyone's minds.

For whatever reason, ideological intolerance creates rigid and puritanical binary thinkers, regardless of ideological leanings. It is all or none, when nothing could be further from the truth.

America has a serious violence problem. They have a violent youth. The easy and simple answer of gun control does not address the actual problem of why you have youth who actually and wholeheartedly believe the answer to their problems is to commit murder.

Why do you have teenaged murderers and the grown ups have been incapable of facing that reality, willing to be inconvenienced, admit their failings as individuals and collectives, and find and implement the solution without bickering or establishing false pecking orders as they morally masturbate in public while strutting around with paper crowns?

If you do not want another school shooting, forget the guns. Start focussing on the mindset of violence and the environments that foster that destructive thinking.

The killings will only increase until that first hurdle is reached. Shut up about guns.

It is the violence that is killing teenagers.

They are feasting on each other. They are not connected to each other. They are hating each other.


That's question number one, and nothing will change until we begin to look at the hate.