Star Wars's Matriarchal Gamble hits fatigue -- but blame the Patriarchal elements for its troubles.

Solo is not getting people as excited, and the fatigue sets in.

So what gives? Is the Matriarchal fatigue-prone?

No, but the Star Wars -- and Marvel franchises have a big weakness: they all stay within the same genre with the same basic tone. 

In essence, it is all the same structure -- and it is Patriarchal. With Star Wars, it is all the same upbeat Sci-Fi offering. No darker, horror versions. No female-centred version. No just-for-kids versions.

They haven't actually evolved. They are sticking to what worked in the past, the end.

DC Comics used to have a darker version of their comics and the imprint was called Vertigo. Strangely enough, Star Wars and Marvel screen properties haven't clued in.

Matriarchal is a flexible structure that allows growth in various directions -- and more importantly, directions where two groups of fans can enjoy the work without ever having overlap, or just minimal overlap. Disney is getting very greedy -- hoping to force people to see as many movies by having these properties too dependent on each other.

That is based on The One. Not the Infinite.

You are growing different audiences and not being an unreasonable imposition on their time and wallets. 

Sooner or later, audiences will have enough of it and bail out from the overload, and Disney is gambling by clinging on to the Patriarchal structure instead of growing a concept by accepting that not everyone wants the same tone, structure, and genre...