Policy Options: the elitist forum to keep an unworkable status quo. It is publications like this that are trying to prevent an alternative to journalism.

Policy Options is advocacy publication that is short on facts, but heavy on social engineering.

Their latest bad idea comes with this silly article:

The traditional printed newspaper is still a vital link in many communities, and the federal government’s new journalism fund should help support them.

Why should taxpayers support any kind of journalism? They have the option to support publications directly with the government middleman by subscribing.

If they are not subscribing, you cannot bully and force them to do so by taking away their money. If people want to buy a newspaper, they can buy a newspaper.

You should question why people abandoned news.

The answer is simple: because journalism failed.

Journalism failed and it must own its failure.

Do not start divvying up money and then decreeing who gets what money. It is not up to you.

For all the lies that journalism is all about the importance of democracy, then why are you doing the very undemocratic thing as forcing people to fund something they do not wish to fund?

It is the epitome of tyranny, and proves for all their propagandistic babble, journalists do not actually believe in democracy.

And the the notion is being repeatedly played in Policy Options shows just how out of touch that publication is with the notion of democracy.

It believes in social engineering. It believes on imposing its will on people to keep elites in power, even as they have destroyed their own industry.

They have no idea how this whole democracy thing works -- doing everything they can think of to prevent an alternative to journalism to flourish -- by advocating the theft of public money for a dead profession.

And that is not an acceptable position in a democracy...