Tanya Granic Allen's bad attempt at misdirection

Her appearance on Newstalk 1010 in an attempt to save face this week is quite instructive. The blow she faced being removed as a PC candidate was humiliating and she went on friendly and sympathetic territory to try to salvage her career.

It was not a good move.

She seemed to try to deflect attention away from her past bigoted comments that doomed her political career. She denies being a hater, but then has a verified and on-the-record history of claiming if a certain segment of society is given the right to get married, it will result in the "demise of society."

But then she made a peculiar claim that people were phoning her to tell her their children were getting scary attention from Children's Aid for their parents's religious beliefs. The host, who has been on the record as liking her, then asked if she had any proof that this claim was true.

She immediately backtracked from the claim, stating there were privacy issues and the like.

It is not as if people have not gone public to the media and social media making complaints about CAS's meddling. If this is going to be your defence in public, you better have facts to pony up.

It's irrelevant. You cannot take a position, and then, when you are called on the carpet for it, pretend you didn't make that position.

There is a difference between being cunning and conniving -- and many people new to strategy-based careers think they are cunning, when they are, in fact, conniving. They make it so so far, only to crumble when an obstacle requires a genuinely cunning mindset -- they are shocked that their methods blow up in their faces because they honestly believe they are the smartest person around.

It is easy to pander to a group who feels besieged. It is easy to chest-thump and try to exploit morality to shame opposing voices. 

It is not so easy to defend yourself when those gambits are exposed.

Granic Allen entered an arena with far superior intellects who are veterans with experience in dealing with opposition in expedient, cutthroat ways. The base she hitches her ride on will not punish Doug Ford for dumping her -- they will vote Tory no matter what.

And contrary to journalistic narrative, I do not believe Granic Allen was a kingmaker -- had she not put her hat in the ring -- those votes would have gone to Ford regardless. Her clout is an illusionary one -- and it explains why she crashed and burned before the election campaign even began...