Welcome to Bedlam: How a profession destroyed itself.

A partisan publication lets go some partisan writers who cry foul, claiming they weren't partisan enough, while those who are still employed don't see what the fuss is about.

There are those in a dead profession in denial there is a financial problem, even when reporters are losing their jobs every day. They celebrate themselves with slacktivist events, while never considering whether they are training future propagandists.

You have those educated in j-schools too in love with their own work as they have a childish narrative about the true state of the profession, and how it got there. 

Someone pointed out this article to me about how journalists have been printing government press releases as if they were news, calling it garbage journalism. Someone else pointed out this article about the Walrus's interesting patterns of partisan behaviour given their charitable status.

It's Bedlam. It has been for a long while. There is no plan, no system, nothing.

And when an industry has none of those things, it cannibalizes itself.

When there is no incentive or shame in calling propaganda news, there is no credibility, and everything becomes a sham.

And people aren't stupid. They know it.

Without credibility, there is no idealism, and then a profession ceases to exist...