Have you ever noticed that it's only "Great Men" who get Open Letter Groupies defending them?

Steven Galloway did.

Al Franken did.

Tom Brokaw did -- with the added playing both sides of the issues with this story.

But we don't have open letters supporting women who were abused with all sorts of D-listers chirping in their defence.

The Brokaw petition is particularly demeaning: that a grown man is seen as helpless and incapable unless a group of Stepford colleagues come running lockstep to save their poor little boy.


How very sad.

And no, ladies: you are not supporters of #MeToo if you play manipulative games like that. Name one woman for whom you did the same thing for with the same zeal.

You didn't?

That's right. You are the dutiful little maids of the Great Men, cheerily cleaning up their messes as you spit in other women's faces because they have less power and clout that you can exploit. 

If you truly thought he was a capable man who had honour, he would be more than capable of defending himself without your obnoxious mommy meddling, and you'd stay out instead of riding on his coattails trying to get a little free publicity at his expense.

Nice try.

But intelligent people aren't buying it.