Memo to CBC: Women have talked about male violence. Journalists just refused to listen.

From the Montreal Massacre to the Toronto van attack: Why the reluctance to talk about male violence?

That is the obscene headline the CBC spewed.

This is an absolute joke.

I pitched a podcast series to CBC Radio way back in late 2016 called Woman. 

It was a look into the real world of what women actually faced, from breaking glass ceilings to the brutality women faced in their own homes. It wasn't going to be a chirpy program or an airhead advertorial fest, squealing over shoes and Netflix shows. It was going to be a serious program about what it means to be a woman in a world designed by men.

Careers do not have a woman's reality in mind. Laws do not take women's experience at heart.

So this was going to be a program geared toward delving into those problems.

I was blithely dismissed.

CBC does not deal with reality. It does not understand that women have been screaming about this sort of thing for centuries...but as the press ignores anything that doesn't applaud Great Men, they just didn't hear it.

And now they are pretending they are first to take notice of it.

Nice try.

With the CBC there has to be several decades of bodies piling up before they clue in that there is a problem somewhere...