The Cut gets ageist, sexist and racist, then scrubs the evidence.

The Cut did something very, very bad: they made a decree, without a single fact to back it up that a successful actress who is not American married a successful US celebrity for her fame, and defamed her, calling her a “global scam artist.”

Not surprisingly, people got very angry, and the Cut deleted the article, but the updated one before the deletion can be found here.

But their excuse for maligning both Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas is very clinical and terse:

Upon further editorial review, we found this story did not meet our standards. We’ve removed it and apologize.

There were no facts. Just an assumption that American men are stupid and gullible, and Indian women are conniving and wicked.

Was the article racist? To an extreme. Was it sexist? To an extreme. If you are going to make those kinds of accusations, you do have to have lots of facts backing it up.

Les Moonves, for example, has been accused of extremist actions that would have been offensive to utter without proof — but with evidence, it is a completely different matter. That people who know Chopra well are infuriated speaks volumes to the chances that the piece had fuck all to it.

The article was vile. Had Jonas been the older one in the dynamic, no one would have said it; so it was also ageist. It picked on every one of Chopra’s personal attributes, and that is truly shocking.

And then they scrubbed the evidence, which, I don’t agree with at all: you are not undoing any of the damage, but hiding your own sins, hoping people will forget, and that is tantamount to a lie.

Chopra and Jonas can stand up for themselves, but that something like this hate piece can be published in a mainstream publication is mystifying…