The Confirmation Bias and the Death of George 41: why aren't we looking at Bill Clinton's War?

Many Left-wing partisan outlets are having a field day slagging the corpse of dead president George Bush. It is cheap and easy filler.

But Democracy Now is indulging in some serious confirmation bias with a piece about how Bush’s Gulf War had been sparked by real war propaganda generated by Hill & Knowlton with the pseudo-testimony of a teenaged girl named Nayirah who claimed Iraqi soldiers killed Kuwaiti babies by taking them out of incubators and leaving them on the floor to die.

It is recounted in detail in my first book, and it is a stand-out example of you don’t have to be a good or logical liar to fool journalists. As far as bullshit stories go, it is one of the worst.

But having reporters placing the blame on a dead president is even bigger bullshit.

John R. MacArthur, who was the one who broke the origin scam, was on the panel, and he goes on at length about how journalists back then were doing good work.

No, they weren’t. They were lazy assholes who parroted press releases. Don’t try to be a revisionist. The reportage back then was absolutely horrid on every level, and Western journalist have a lot to answer for in their bullshittery.

George Bush got the war because the press demanded the war. They were the ones who kept going on about dead babies.

And yes, I have the original articles, transcripts, and broadcasts to back up my claims because I am doing exhaustive research for my next project.

And every reporter MacArthur cites in that interview put out bullshit. So let us not play a game of make pretend.

But the Democracy Now segment is interesting in that they are trying to manipulative and frame a narrative that somehow George Bush was a bad man because he was a Republican…

Yeah, except Bill Clinton did a whole lot worse and he was a Democrat. Not only did his policies allow vested interests to shape it, it is under his watch that modern Middle East terrorism flourished.

And he had been directly warned about it.

If we had an honest press, there would be different conversation going on: why does the media spew war propaganda?

And how come political ideology has never served as any antidote to bloodshed?

George Bush did what every US president before and after him have done. He is not a special president.

So when this kind of partisan propaganda gets spewed, you have to be very careful not to fall for the spin, and realize it is a game of misdirection, and a highly manipulative one at that…