Tweaking the noses of the puritanical neo-Victorians: Misdirecting the middle class locksteppers has never been easier.

Rubbing the noses of American neo-Victorians has never been simpler.


CNN is shitting its pants.

American presidents have been responsible for untold deaths over the decades, but a high-five between world leaders is just too horrid for words.

And journalists keep lying to the public because they are assholes.


No, assholes: they goad presidents into sending armies to kill people; so they use guns by proxy.

Fuck you, propagandists.

But that is a propaganda poster, and a very bad one to boot.

Journalism should never have been neo-Victorian chicken shit.

It was supposed to be about facts. Give information, not go into a helmet-haired tizzy.

No wonder world leaders have found cheap and easy ways to tell the press to go fuck themselves.

They have become the rebels who know how to play the gullible press who have been reduced to being old biddies gasping because people do not abide by their ridiculous fake rules.

The self-oppression of the middle class is the purest form of sanctioned insanity.

People make fun of those delicate flowers of the Victorian Era and of those bored housewives of the 1950s, but they are far, far more repressed than any other time in modern history.

Man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains.

Yes, but who would have thought that people would willingly shackle themselves, throw away the key, then judge others who think that is just plain nuts?

If the morons at CNN expected Trump to say anything, they are truly losers. You cannot slag him for everything he does, and then expect him to be your concierge.

The press has no idea what a leader is supposed to do, and neither does the public.

The ignorance of the neo-Victorians is blaring. They move the goalposts because the truth is they want to confine leaders to being Santa Claus the Butler who is doomed to fail. Bribe us or we’ll bully and blackmail you.

When we get AI instead of humans running our countries, that ought to take care of things.

A computer doesn’t give a flying fuck that you’re offended. It will just be given data and spit out who gets to live and die based on an algorithm.

If you demand too much, then the software can cut its losses by cutting you out, and save on resources.

And that’s the ultimate tweaking of an offended public…and it’s coming.

But cloning world leaders? I don’t think so…