Macron blinks, proving that rioting is the best medicine.

There is an old Serbian saying that Nice and Stupid are two brothers.

I always say, maybe, but they aren’t the same person.

People snapped and rioted, and the government had to relent.

If ex-pat Serbs were that forceful during the civil war in the former Yugoslavia, they wouldn’t have been painted as the villains, and Western nations would have had to report and see the war for what it truly was, but Serbs tried reasoning to their devastation.

I remember when you had union workers in Canada used to do more than strike: they would turn over cars, and then the rich, who are cowards who have everything to lose, had to behave like human beings.

But then you had PR campaigns co-opt the next generation, making having a working class job or being in a union sound degrading, and then you had gullible workers look down on unions who then lost a lot of clout.

While completely ignoring the fact that the rich have their own unions, and we call those lobby groups.

It is the reason you have super-rich robber barons, and the trampling of worker’s rights. It is also the reason journalism collapsed.

Because they started aligning with those robber barons as they connived themselves out of a job and destroyed their own industry.

People who get a little power over someone else become decrepit and they will abuse workers and would chain them to their cubicles if they could.

You need checks and balances in society because sometimes you are the monster who needs to be slapped back with sensibility because your decrees become psychopathic and vile because nothing is ever good enough for you, and you get greedy and demanding more and more, thinking you are owed everything, and motherfucker, you’re not.

The Gilets Jaunes, have let the French government know that they are being insufferable assholes and exploded.

It would be nice if you could say to people politely to back the fuck off, and stop trying to shake you down. People have a horrible tendency to think just because there is goodwill and politeness, that somehow, there is stupidity and weakness to exploit.

#MeToo was once that kind of collective explosion until the Democrats usurped the movement and turned it into a big, whiny, mess. That’s the reason it got fucked up and was reduced to a whimper.

But when power proves to be tyrannical, it needs a counterbalance to show that it is all an illusion, and that goodwill is not the same as being superior and invincible.

It would be nice if humans evolved with a modicum of morality, but sadly, all they seem to do is look for new skins, masks, and scripts to put on to pretend they have a moral or intellectual edge, and can now do whatever wicked thing crosses their minds.

In France, Macron was forced to see that eality. He has been behaving horribly, and the dose of reality came by means of rioting. It is unfortunate, but seems to be the only language the brutes in suits actually comprehend…