What makes a successful protest?






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Everyone wants to play dress-up these days, as if the cosplay at a comic book convention or Halloween party is the logical place to look for it.

France had the gilets jaunes — the yellow vests. These were readily available and cheap, but it wasn’t the vests that made their country’s leader lose face.

The protestors never relented and they showed they meant business.

They are getting results.

The women on the Left in the US are not successful.

They march with their little hats and costumes, and keep losing ground.


For all the talk, there aren’t actual role models. Wonder Woman was created by a man who had his own little harem.

Peaceful people do not lie. They do not hide their feelings.

But you have to fight and put things on the line.

You must have beliefs and goals.

You invest and do not expect other people to “come around”.

Peace comes when the liars and tyrants understand that there are things not up for negotiation.

The biggest error came when Hillary Clinton ran for president. If there ever was a boneheaded choice, she was it.

If the Left truly meant business, find the angriest and cockiest woman and unleash her. Let her launch her campaign from a battered woman’s shelter.

You don’t take a self-entitled conniver to do a job of a warrior.

Robert F. Kennedy had the right idea. He didn’t pretend.


Do not pretend your life is everyone’s life. Clinton was the clueless limousine liberal who fucked up an easy job.

Because she lived in a fantasy bubble.

She protested nothing.

And that is what she got.

If women in the US want to progress, they have to stop acting like motherfucking fairy princesses playing dress up, and find a new method and madness that gets actual results…