Know your propaganda! Part One: There is never any bad news in Canada.


If you are a first generation citizen of any country, you find yourself in an interesting position. You are both, but that means that you are neither. You don’t get indoctrinated in your birth country because the influence of the one of your parents keeps you in check.

And you are too far away from the influence of the old country to completely buy their propaganda.

You soon learn each country has its own logic, delusions, and propaganda. It is always the same old story over and over again.

There is a very good book called The Complacent Class and its thesis is that we need to migrate.

It’s true. When you are moving, nomadic, and circulating, you are active in your thinking and you are exposed to various idiosyncrasies of thought.

The problem with the Western castes is that they are static and stay in place, and this has many consequences, and the biggest one is that you become a pigeon ripe for propaganda.

You have to circulate, go beyond your in-group and comfort zone, and challenge your own beliefs.

But true migration is a rarity. People immediately create little villages of their own in-groups, which is not a good thing. You are keeping your collective delusions and sanctioned insanity in place.

And it is the same with Middle Class morons who vacation with tour guides and groups: you are still holding each other’s tiny little balls for comfort instead of breaking away from your in-group.

I never travel by plan or by group. I don’t even pack a suitcase. I just go. I jump in and break away to immerse myself.

It’s why I can always mesh in with others with ease. I have no inhibitions or expectations. I don’t preach. I don’t impose. I don’t judge.

But I can observe. I can experiment. I can compare and contrast.

When you stick with your in-group, you no longer have any other group that offer you other perspectives and interpretations. You start to think sanctioned insanity is divine. You start making up rituals as a misdirections, trying to keep reality out of your mind. You stop questioning your surroundings or your authorities.

Governments love stagnation. They ca tell you that your squalor is glorious and you will buy it.

I noticed in the last few months that at least one person in Hamilton keeps writing feel-good crap in the worst parts of town. “It will all work out in the end!” “Good things are coming!” It started with printed black and white messages attached to telephone polls, but now it is colourful paper in bad areas that have been bad for decades. Your decrees do not change the conditions. These people are stuck in this squalor and they cannot get out.

All this person is doing is trying to convince people of a lie because they themselves cannot face a truth.

But I am not surprised this ritualistic delusion is happening in Canada.


Canada and the United States are nothing alike. Americans are the braver of the bunch in that their propaganda is all about the negatives that need work. Here is a problem that is destroying us! We will come up with the solution and save the world!

It is aggressive, but it is used to encourage innovation and invention. They are the place of resurrections, comebacks, and second chances. You can fuck up, but if you are contrite, you can atone, and come back swinging. They make mistakes, but they admit to making them and improving. Their narrative may be flawed, but it is constructed with the purpose of progressing.

Canada is not of the same ilk. They come from the idea that they are without flaw. The government will make an inconvenience go away and rescue them. Karma will take care of the rest.

Canada is the way of the Fairy Princess.


Unlike the US that is one of the Hero’s Journey.


These divergent strategies explain why the US is far more powerful than Canada — more than a mere ten times more powerful given that we have one tenth their population. If the US is Silver Age Superman, then Canada is Silver Age Lois Lane.


So long as no real crisis hits, you can get away with this kind of groupthink.

But when things change and you are unprepared, the narrative starts to become more glaring and disconnected from the reality of evidence.

We have CBC half-assed wondering what is Canada’s place in a chaotic world. If you have to ask, then you have none. You have no vision; hence no plan because you think everything is going to work itself out in the end, and now that this strategy is backfiring on us, we have a nation scrambling.

But that would rock the boat, so we cannot entertain the notion that we made a mistake.

We pretend we can play tough with stronger nations, which is a strategic declassification of select documents. The end result was that Canada failed to achieve anything.

We have a press always looking for karma to “punish” those who do not applaud us, and yet they still march on thriving.

We even have simplistic xenophobic propaganda that others are trying to brainwash us — without so much as wonder how our own governments and media have been doing the same to us.

To be an intelligent reader is to understand we are more likely to be harmed by our own in-group than outsiders.

Canada is at the edge of an interesting and unprecedented crisis that we have no previous experience in dealing with, no expertise in understanding, no allies should we fall into the pit, and no clue of what is approaching.

The former Yugoslavia imploded because they had no vision, no plan, and no understanding that life isn’t a fairytale.

Canada is about to learn the same lesson in a different way — yet we have no fresh perspectives because we think we are about flaw, have calvary at our beck and call, and it will all work itself out in the end.

Perhaps, but how things work themselves out isn’t a given, nor does the phrase remotely imply that they will work out for the best…