Notice how people notice bad things only when it happens to them?


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A paranoid press is making this sound as if this kind of cyber-fucking is just happening to them.

Not at all. It is common.

This kind of warfare happens in every sector of society, and all of the time.

But watch the press try to spin this as some sort of assault on the press, the way they have been spinning the death of Jamal Khashoggi as the same thing despite evidence to the contrary that even some others in the profession acknowledge, albeit far later than others have, including me.

It is navel-gazing and an attempt at making people think they need to go back to an old, abusive spouse because he got mugged.

What we have is lousy cyber-security. We have vested-interests who take advantage of it because citizens — and that lazy press — don’t exactly make real demands or ask important questions…