What will drive the next provincial election? The Game of Where's the Benjamins.

Justin Trudeau is losing control and the Weed Magic Trick isn’t doing its job. Lots of shady politicians are going to lose their shirts.

His pathetic and shallow stunt with Trevor Noah was DOA, and he is in a lot more trouble than the Grits want to admit.

Contrary to union propaganda, GM’s motives are not driven by greed, but by a deeper financial crisis than the brutes in suits can admit. GM could have asked the provincial and federal regimes for money, and they would have had to give in to the blackmail, but the fact that they didn’t is a huge red flag.

Ontario is in a serious trouble and Trudeau should pray that Doug Ford can work magic before the election, but all signs point to an economic meltdown in the province. The elderly in the province don’t have money, meaning their children and grandchildren have fleeced them penniless, and now they have to resort to food banks. The Bank of Mom and Dad is running dry.

GM is not the only factory to be scuttled in Ontario. Stores are closing, jobs are being slashed, and this is retail high season.

Alberta is losing money on oil, jobs are evaporating, and the province has to cut back on production.

It is all happening at a rapid rate, at the worst possible time.

By the time the election comes, there will be a single issue: survival, and the Grits are at a distinct disadvantage, and it doesn’t help that Trudeau and his cabinet are haughty Limousine Liberals. Trudeau is unremarkable, but he is no Everyman, and that bodes poorly for him, and he cannot count on Trump-bashing to eke out a victory.

Trump is in a scrape, but he thrives in scrapes. I wouldn’t pop any champagne corks, and the Canadian Grits are not relatable to an average voter who is in panic mode. When housing crashes, and it will crash in 2019, with people’s delusion that they were worth a million bucks because of their house is destroyed, it will be an ugly mood.

The election will get dirty and ugly, but none of it will matter. Ford can easily blame Trudeau at this point; so can Notley and every other premier. Trudeau is too in love with himself and has mugged and vogued for cameras, making him a very easy and identifiable villain.

The Grits are in trouble, and the economy is deteriorating. 2019 will not be a good year for those who have had an easy ride because they honestly thought they were the smartest clowns in the Sucker Circus.

It will be a wild ride with many manure patches for the Grits to step in on the battleground…