The psychology of CBC propaganda: A confirmation bias with a strawman argument isn't going to get you any credibility, assholes.

The federal regime-sponsored CBC is at it again with the propaganda, comrades:

The psychology of climate change: Why people deny the evidence

'This is not a time to be passive and allow this calamity to happen to us,' says one psychologist

This is pure one-sided propaganda that commits numerous logical flaws.

What about those psychopaths and grifters who use fear-mongering to manipulate and control behaviour by turning environmentalism into a doomsday cult?

Why are we encouraging appeal to authority, the confirmation bias, and the strawman argument?

Why don’t we look at the real psychology of the climate exploiters instead of the junk psychology of skepticism?

Because the governments know way too much of the hype is pure bullshit.

Just go to your neighbourhood dump, like the one in Hamilton where there is a “pro-environment” mayor. Within the last year, I emptied- a storage locker and had three glass wall units that were no longer functional and a thick glass top that was chipped, and had to be discarded. I had the idea of taking them to be recycled because there would be a lot of glass to recycle.

So I rented a truck, but when I went to the residential part of the dump where you have all these recycling bins, I was told to go to the commercial end because I was taking it in a truck.

And that was very illuminating to how governments assess the problem.

Commercial waste is much bigger than residential, and boy, there weren’t any recycling areas.

Just one building with a huge pile of trash all thrown in together, and I was told to just throw all that glass in the pile.

No recycling of any of the garbage. Businesses come and just dump it all in the same pile.

And I could see the cans, bottles, and paper all going into the same pile of garbage with no one questioning it or telling them to separate the garbage.

And it is not just garbage. Wind turbines mess up the climate. When I was renting a lakefront cottage for several months in the winter in Selkirk to write my latest book, I was warned that I’d be snowed in. I brought bags of salt, a shovel, and prepared for the worst.

Except the town is littered with wind turbines, and there was no snow at all.

As soon as I left town and drove to non-turbine areas, it was a different story. There was huge snow. None in Selkirk.

I thought nothing of it until I binge-watched the West Wing, and one of the characters made mention of the problems of turbines, and when I read more about it from academic sources, then yeah, they are very bad for the environment.

We have had scandals with scientists admitting to fudging and “tweaking” data.

So when you have people who are protesting wind turbines, they aren’t “deniers”, and it is a manipulative misnomer to label them as such. They are witness to various skulduggery that people assume is true, but is just snake oil.

When you have too many charlatans hiding under the banner of environmentalism, the movement loses credibility. You can’t just shame people, and expect them all to walk lockstep with whatever decrees you make.

It is true that pollution is a damaging thing. It causes all sorts of serious health issues, such as cancer. It kills plants and animals. Many companies are gratuitously filthy, and there is no need for it, either because we have the resources and the technology in place to make cleaner output a viable option both environmentally and economically.

But fear-mongering is a dangerous gambit that begs grifters and manipulators to use the cloak to hide their more dubious schemes, and people can see it, and once that happens, they will no longer trust the message.

They are not stupid. They are not ignorant. They are not mentally defective.

They just aren’t buying the bill of goods you are selling.

And if CBC was a real journalism outfit, and not a mouthpiece for the Liberal regime, they’d point it out.

But they aren’t journalism. They just spew propaganda, and then are honestly surprised that people stop believing the lies they’ve been told.

You don’t pick sides. You look for facts. You measure, compare, and contrast. You don’t try to shame or label people mentally ill because they have been burned.

If we had sensible information coming out without the theatrics, facts become self-evident, and it is far easier to gain consensus on solutions and finding the ones that actually work.

And this piece of propaganda isn’t helping anyone — it is just creating hatred and fear when neither emotion is required to find a solution of any sort…