The Paris Implosion: government terrorism on its populace has its price.

The riots have been the worst in a half century, and this is a city that has had its share of terrorist attacks in recent years.

But the anger is just beginning. It was bad enough that the government failed repeatedly to protect their people, and now to impose life-altering and constricting policies is a true slap in the face.

You pay taxes and abide by the law that seeks to control you and confine you as you allow mass murderers to pick off civilians unimpeded. If the French government thinks the riots were bad, they haven’t seen anything yet.

The Old World Disorder is losing control, and it is beginning to show in significant collective outbursts. This will not be the last implosion, merely a preface of what is to come in 2019…the brutes in suits have every reason to be worried right now…