Martyr? Superheroine? Crusader? Fuck that. Try Ringmaster to the Sucker Circus.

I feel bad for three men: Julian Assange, Eric Snowdon, and Dr. Radovan Karadžić.

They all made the same amateur mistake.


They actually believed that the Middle Class are some sort of moral core.

Some are, of course, but you have too many people who abuse their children, sabotage their siblings and coworkers, needlessly tattle on their neighbours, gossip and spread rumours about their friends as they fuck their spouses, and ran away when someone in drowning or being mugged.

People allow others to molest their children, and when those pained and vulnerable children run to their worthless parents for help, pretend not to believe them or tell them to shut up.

Then walk over homeless people feeling superior to the dispossessed.

And should they be called out for being selfish psychopaths, they always have an excuse.

What these three men have in common is that they thought all they had to do was expose evil, and people would rise up and overthrow these evil people, and they would be grateful to those who risked everything to stand up to them.

Snowdon is in exile, and will most likely be caught and go down as a villain, even by those who are strategically cheering him on and supporting him for their own political gain. Assange is in serious trouble and has been painted as a Russian agent by the Left who pretend to be the moral voice. Dr. Karadžić got caught in a civil war, and got arrested and painted as a war criminal.

No one will ever thank you for exposing the evil shit they are eating.

I learned that as a teenager during that civil war when I had evidence of the lies the press was spewing, and was told “So what?”

People who wear suits are brutes and barbarians, and they are enabled by the middle class.

You have several choices if you are someone with a moral core, but if you think you are going to save the world and get gratitude, you are being naive.

But you cannot sit in silence, either. You are allowing scum to influence your life, and then you become a different kind of prisoner. People get rich and famous at your expense. They steal your ideas, resources, and happiness; so to stay silent is a rather passive and cowardly thing to do.

You don’t let people get away with garbage. For all the virtue-signalling and moral masturbation raging on Twitter, it is all shallow, cosmetic things and people picking of celebrities who are easy and inconsequential targets, or just ordinary people who did something silly.

It is nothing that would bring real change or progress.

So what to do you?

You don’t play a martyr as Snowdon did. His fake American supporters aren’t lobbying to have him receive immunity, and they could have made his fate an election issue. So he is up the creek.

You don’t play crusader like Assange because people will turn on you for exposing to the world what wretched and ignorant minions they are to people in power. They want to believe they voted for moral servants you can support amid the fake laughter at boring cocktail parties.

You don’t play superhero like Dr. Karadžić because you’ll end up taking all of the blame as you wither in a jail cell at the Hague in some fake trial that is absolutely rigged to paint you as the bad guy.

But you do not stay silent. You call out the fraud. When you call out sanctioned insanity as sanctioned insanity, you complicate the schemes of those losers. They want the façade of respectability, but if you point out what vile and pathetic motherfuckers they are, they lose control and control freaks shit their diapers when that happens.

Because they think they can fool all of the people all of the time.

But calling out is not the real work.

You are merely drawing attention to something that no one really wants you to draw attention to because there is potential for work, contrition, humiliation, shame, and the loss of rewards.

Which is what you should be doing. You are pulling more than just a carpet, but also raising a curtain.

Meaning you are exposing the Hell for what it truly is.

Yet when you raise a curtain, you are signalling that a show is about to start.

And that the centre of gravity is not with the schemers — or their enablers.

It is a Sucker Circus, and you’re not an act in it.

But the ringmaster.

You are not there to appease or change minds.

What you are there is to ensure the clowns are seen as clowns.

And the animal shit on the ground is labelled as such.

You expose how the tricks are played: the trick wires, the hidden players behind the scenes, everything.

But the trick is comedy.

People get into unnatural habits and then go running on a hamster wheel.

And you then show the Hamster Wheel Runners as part of the Sucker Circus.

You are putting everything on the record, but not to save people.

They are more than capable of saving themselves.

You are not some sort of holy crusader. People can get off their fucking asses. If those suckers are hoping for a They to save them, or God, Santa Claus, or the Great Pumpkin, you expose them as the Invisible Friend Seekers as part of the Sucker Circus.

You are not some sort of superhero swooping in to save the little people from governments. They voted those motherfuckers in there, and kept voting them in election after election, even though they get fuck all for their votes. You expose those Futility Voters as part of the Sucker Circus.

You show that the Left side is as ridiculous as the Right side. There is no comfy loophole to hide in.

You have to earn your place in the Radical Centre.

The ringmaster’s seat.

You ride on the wavelengths as part of your act. You don’t try to alter those frequencies.

You expose them, but not in the way that you think people will change because they are moral.

You expose both sides of their calculations to show just how moronic they are, and then clear the path for you to live your own life on your own terms.

Freedom from the shackles of conniving lunacy is the goal of Chaser. You want to live as a follower, minion, loser, or moron, go ahead. I won’t stop you.

I won’t try to change you. Whatever sanctioned insanity floats your boat.

But don’t try to confine me or harm me with your bullshit.

Because you may very well be the debut act in the Sucker Circus…