"The Inevitability of Impeachment" = The Inevitability of Hillary Clinton's 2016 Presidential Campaign. How the New York Times sticks to the same propaganda.






Trump's futile war against the media

The Republican nominee appears locked in with his losing strategy

By: Allan Levine
Posted: 10/12/2016 12:36 PM


Historically Conservative Ohio Newspapers Endorse Hillary Clinton

October 31, 20164:15 PM ET


Hillary Clinton for President

Hillary Clinton for President



The Inevitability of Impeachment


My favourite film is an obscure Carey Grant number called People Will Talk. It is an old film, but reminds me a lot of our neo-Victorian age. Grant is Dr. Noah Praetorius, a doctor who blows into town. His students love him, as do his patients.

It is everyone else who thinks he is too unorthodox and the judgemental people in town just want to take him down, particularly a rival professor, and he plays dirty in trying to bring charges against him.

The press have been playing that sick game with Trump since he declared his intention to run for president.

They have been trying the same gambit — and one that they have no business doing. They are to report facts, not try to rig things so their decrees are adhered to by others.

They decreed that Hillary Clinton would be president. They were wrong. My latest book explains why this meant the profession of journalism is over.

Now they are trying to up the ante and go for impeachment, hoping that Trump will resign.

The New York Times is trying that gambit. I would not be surprised if the Times ends up in a scandal in 2019 having to fight for its own existence.

Doing the same propagandistic thing and expecting a different outcome is a strong hint they have sins in their vault that they know will get exposed and soon.

As the press is in even a weaker position than they were pre-November 2016, it is becoming more difficult to try to regain what they squandered.

As I have repeatedly said, Trump took advantage of an opportunity. He knows who he is dealing with. He is absolutely right in calling the press “fake news.” They are. They have been for a long time.

But he didn’t make that bed. Journalists and their overlords made it. Now they are trying to cover up their sins by getting rid of a president they know will win a second term. The more they go after him, the more of their own weaknesses show.

And the damage is already done.

That is the reason I am starting Chaser: let’s move away from this pathetic spectacle of deceit and propaganda. Let’s make finding facts a priority escapade and mandate.

Because this bullshit isn’t working and citizens don’t need to be patronized or bullied by the press…