More jive turkey from the federal Liberals.

Justin Trudeau seems to be hellbent on getting replaced by Andrew Scheer.

This is not something a real strategist would say:

Trudeau says it’s worth ‘pointing out’ similarities between Scheer and Harper

You mean Scheer will bring back the good old days when Canada was highly respected, got deals done that benefitted the country, and did not gratuitously offend countries around the world that have clout?

This meme poster has been making the rounds on Facebook:


Many Canadians would love nothing more than to take a time machine back to that simpler era, and if Andrew Scheer represents a happier time in Canadian history, they will be more than happy to go for the ride, especially the beggars that are now a common presence in the voter-rich Golden Horseshoe.

If you want to do free advertising for a rival and compare him to a highly-respected predecessor, then I am certain the federal Tories will be absolutely thrilled that the jive turkey is doing their work for them.

And it is highly disrespectful to think that someone who doesn’t think the same way you do isn’t respected. I was not a fan of Harper’s, but his status among the conservative base has gone up, not down since Trudeau took office.

I remember NDP leader Tom Mulcair’s concession speech — he also gave warning, and he, too was right on the money.

At this rate, all Sheer will have to do is just show up and keep quiet as his competitor does all the work for him…