Basic Income: A leftist corporate idea with the longevity of Hands Across America. Or Band Aid.



Do they know it's Christmastime at all?

Feed the world
Feed the world
Feed the world 
Let them know it's Christmastime again 


Considering the target of the song weren’t Christians, it wasn’t their Christmas.

But it felt so good that getting entertained could save the world!


The supergroup was appropriately named “Band Aid”: as in offering a bandaid solution to a serious problem.

This was one of the origins of slacktivism: do not get inconvenienced, but do the same thing, and expect a different outcome.

Throw some money at the problem without actually facing the reason why there is a problem in the first place.

It is classic limousine liberalism, and champagne socialism. It is feel-good and do-nothing, but people get awards and prestige on bullshit.

It is all in the packaging.

Basic Income is of the same ilk: Big Tech want to sell widgets and do away with having to pay humans. So they replace humans with machines, but those humans will end up on the street.

Well, they are on the streets, living in their cars, working full-time for Big Tech, anyway.

So how to sweep this harrowing problem under the rug and still bribe the public into not getting appropriately disturbed?

Feed them a bullshit story called Basic Income.

We will give you free money. You don’t have to work. We will pay you to go away…

On second thought, we will lobby the government to give you free money to shove off.

Here is MIT Technology Review getting shocked that this scam isn’t working:

Back in June we declared, “Basic income could work—if you do it Canada style.” We talked to the people on the ground getting the checks in Ontario’s 4,000-person test and saw how it was changing the community. Then, just two months later, it was announced that the program is ending in the new year rather than running for three years. The last checks will be delivered to participants in March 2019.

They banked on Canada — a country that is nothing like the US — being successful with the scam so the Leftist Big Tech could use us as part of their propaganda campaign.

You do not want to “do it” Canada-style. It didn’t work for numerous and obvious reasons: for one, the provincial government was in the red like no other non-sovereign entity in the world: there was no way this could last very long.

Second, it tore down the ruling Leftist party because it split the vote: Basic Income is too basic, and people are competitive, always wanting more money. The NDP made big promises, and so, the vote was split and the Conservatives won and did away with it, knowing full well that it wasn’t sustainable and they weren’t losing any votes cutting it off.

You cannot just throw money in a black hole and get no return. You invest, and you get something in return. Basic Income doesn’t require people to work, and that is its fatal flaw. There is no incentive for people to get a job.

It goes against human nature: we were made to work. You plant seeds, and the seeds bring plants the clean the air, and food that nourishes people and animals. Basic Income is like throwing seeds down the drain.

And Basic Income is not for the convenience of the poor. It is for the convenience of the rich: they cannot justify their billions when there is too much homelessness on their account: get the government to throw pennies, people will be grateful, and you can go on being a robber baron.

Band Aid didn’t stop starvation. Hands Across America didn’t make a dent.

Basic Income is a Leftist corporate invention used to ward off criticism of their super-rich.

The focus should be on education, and those robber barons being better monitored as we remind them that true capitalism is the system where labor is respected.

And, perhaps most importantly of all, we stop selling people a bill of goods that they can be rich and famous on doing nothing. We don’t have teachers, doctors, nurses, social workers, or engineers who are revered as much as people who mug on social media or go on “reality shows.” So people don’t apply themselves, and when their prefab fantasies bring them nowhere, they want a pension at twenty.

Basic Income is a deflection strategy so people do not get angry too soon before the architects of their ruin can form an exit strategy and get themselves out of the hot seat before people clue in to their ruses…