The Chaser Solution: Chapter Seven: No confirmation biases. That's a misdirection.


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Woody Allen? Never been a fan of that over-rated and self-absorbed asshole. He got a free pass. The end.

But here is Allen, a Leftist Hollywood player. All the limousine liberals drooled over him for decades.

Then came #MeToo, and then, it wasn’t as cool to like him.

But it hasn’t stopped people on the Left from trying to deflect this fact, comparing him to a Rightist politician from the South…

Yeah, but he isn’t. He’s one of your Golden Boys. Nice try.


You can see what happens when certain people lose their protection. Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly got turfed off the network after his guardian Roger Ailes was sacked.

Now, that CBS’s Les Moonves got kicked to the curb, his charge Michael Weatherly is getting horrific press as things come out.

When someone has great press and superfabulous power, you don’t get people wondering why and how that happened. We have hoaxes that get free media attention, and we assume they vetted the story when they didn’t.

And media darlings don’t get vetted. They get feted.

Until their saviour is gone, and then people who were previously placed in a choke collar are free to say what is really going on.

The confirmation bias is more than a logic fallacy: it is a form of deception and misdirection. We look for things that confirm a theory, and not the things that refute it.

That’s not what Chaser is about.

It is about looking at different sides and pointing out their similarities, not just their differences. It is about showing how and why things are happening, not just looking at press releases.

It will show how different groups use a contrasting content to mask that they are using the same structures. It will not cheerlead ideologies, but question them. Like food labels, Chaser is going to show the ingredients — and then leave it to you to decide how much junk you are willing to swallow…