The Chaser Solution: Chapter Eight: A Palimpsest? That was an ancient form of a Hot 110. Mene mene tekel upharsin, baby. You better understand the writing on the wall.










The biblical Daniel was a man about town. He survived a night in a lion’s den. He could read the writing on the wall.

In other words, he was a survivor.

I have a fascination with graffiti. If you want to know what is in store for the future, read the fucking graffiti.

People have wondered how I manage to predict certain things, but I am aware of my surroundings.

And of the writing on the walls.


When I worked as a journalist, for years, I had pitched to various magazines about the topic of how graffiti was a harbinger for future political moods. It isn’t just scribbles on a wall: these are the warnings of the mood that is about to infect a mainstream. Look for the poorest in a region, and the nature of the shift in their hardships will inevitably strike the middle class before hitting the wealthy.

The poor know exactly what has hit them and why it is bad. To survive, they have to be aware of their surroundings. The middle class are oblivious until it hits them and the rich aren’t bailing them out — that they’ll notice.

Start with your poorest, and you will know what the richest will do to stave off the problem.

But the wealthy do not want to make the middle class too jittery, and they will write over the walls, so to speak, in a bid to suppress what the poorest have to say.

In graffiti talk, that was known as a Hot 110. Writing over someone else’s graffiti is a sign of disrespect. And the wealthy will be disrespectful to the lower classes: suppressing the calls from the poor in order to lull the middle class to prevent them from seeing what is really going on.

The Internet made problems because it is much harder to keep those things hidden, but it is still easy to ignore things that you do not want to face.

Yet it is all there. The Internet is a palimpsest in that we write over things written from before.

But it is also a Hot 110. People wanting to write over those walls in order to keep certain things hidden.

Except they can’t be hidden. You can still see them.

It is a question of drawing attention to them.

Or creating a different kind of graffiti.

Chaser is going to take the spirit of graffiti and do something else with it. I won’t be vandalizing the walls, but I am going to make the most of walls of all sorts to do something different.

And that is your message from…