The Chaser Dilemma, Part Eleven: Fred Sanford called it right. But so did Isaac Asimov.







The Middle-Class is not a well-educated class: they are not taught critical thinking, and are taught just enough for job competency, but not to break rules, question authority, or look outside their little caves.

Just look at this sorry piece from the CBC:

Modern sex-ed curriculum has huge support among Ontario parents and students, consultations show

Really, who the fuck cares?

They support it, but so what?

The Nazis had huge support from parents and students, whoop di fucking do.

I would quiz parents, asking them a slew of questions about their knowledge of the differences between the two first, and if they can’t tell them apart, I would sentence them to wearing a dunce cap. There is no evidence to show one is superior to the other. I notice these same parents and students have serious logic gaps, meaning they both have something else in common: a shitty education in critical thinking.

Why do you “support” something? What does it mean? Why aren’t you upset that your math and language skills are deficient? Why are you cherry-picking things? Do you understand the subtext of either one of those curricula?

It is not different than that patronizing Middle-Class appeal to authority complaining about people who don’t support the same thing the person does: why the fuck do I care what the Establishment has to say? What’s in it for me? How do you know that is what they are spending? Or where that money is really going to — especially as we have had governments “misplace” and misspend billions of dollars over the years?

And you still like a moron trust their numbers.

I remember how the Chretien Liberals couldn’t account for over a billion dollars under the human resources ministry — and we have some Middle Class know-nothing rattle off sketchy numbers as if this was some divine truth.

Go fuck yourself.

We have a government that has no teeth and no standards, and you actually buy what they are selling you?

I worked as a journalist, and my job was simple: having to hear a never-ending stream of bullshit, propaganda, and lies, and then find the truth.


When you have a majority never question anything from authorities, they, in fact, make no real demands. They make no demands of a competent government. They make no demands of a competent press. They merely look for someone to issue scripts for them to follow, and will swallow whatever mystery pill that promises them something. The promise will be vague, but if the decree is to swallow, then they swallow.

Revolutions happen when a majority swallow too much shit for too long and then explode — as if their problems were someone else’s fault. You made fun and maligned those who told not to swallow shit. You thought you found the trick to winning at life because someone told you swallowing shit and following the script was all you had to do and you didn’t have to put effort or think.

That’s what eventually happens in a Zero-Risk society: they take one dumbass gamble too far, betting their last grains, and everything collapses, and then they get mad.

You mean, all those government statistics were just garbage? What do you mean my education was wanting? The scripts were nothing but distracting, life-sinking lies! Eating dog shit was bad all along! Outrage!

No shit, Sherlock.


The problem is Middle Class people don’t look for real answers as much as a saviour. The flock want a shepherd to guide them, and as many people have quipped…


But Hitchens suffered from a severe case of confirmation bias: it’s not just religion that rolls that way: atheism does.

And so does politics.

It is always the same motherfucking patriarchal dynamic of a Chosen One and a Flock.

Humanity is just the same old story of doing the same thing, and always expecting a different outcome.

I am not a sheep, nor do I wish to be a shepherd to a brainless flock.

It doesn’t give me any kicks or thrills.

So, I don’t want to be a propagandist because that’s just sad, and I don’t want to be some messiah leading the little people who really ought to stop looking for training wheels and start looking for their brain cells.

I have had people with zero experience in my expertise tell me I am wrong without even listening to a word I say. They think their ignorance is superior to someone else’s knowledge. Expertise and knowledge are not respected because people want you to tell them that they are right, just, and good. They want a Servant Leader who gives them things and does all the thinking and work.

How realistic is that? How well can one small group of people cater to a collective? Why don’t they get off their asses and make their own wishes come true?

Because deep down, they know they are willful big dummies because they never do things. You can never be smart or capable if you wait on others to do your work for you. You never gain wisdom or experience. You can never innovate or be a visionary. You can be an annoying lump dependent on authority to live your life for you on their terms.

That is what the Middle Class in the West have settled for.

I haven’t, though. I don’t believe in settling. I believe in upward mobility.

And I have no aversion to work or taking risks to do it. I don’t chase after worthless paper crowns: that’s just being Pavolv’s dog getting trained for basic stimulus-response.

I have better things to do with myself.

The question for me is — am I the only one?