Journalism's Void Vortex: A few odds and odders I want to talk about.

The Toronto Star made me laugh out loud with this piece of bullshit:

Inside the flawed world of medical publishing that allowed a lie in a paper coauthored by Dr. Gideon Koren to pollute the scientific record

Yeah, brought to you by the same motherfuckers who told you Gardasil was evil — and then for days told numerous members of the scientific community that they were wrong.

The Toronto Star does not know how to read a medical journal. They don’t know how to run a newspaper, either because, ha ha, read this article, kids:

KENT: Liberals’ $600 million media bailout lacks depth, fails to solve core problem

Kent is right: throwing away money on dumbass losers won’t solve their incompetency.


Because Canadian journalism is the Amish of the communications fields: they want the government to fund their horse and buggy industry when everyone wants electric cars.

They are morons who are acting like Ted Kaczynski instead of Steve Jobs, and then want the government to pay for making bombs. You cannot get more fucked up than someone in Canadian journalism.

Journalism is an industry that should abide by a bootstrapping business model. Not the beggar’s model or the trophy spouse model, but using what they have and then work from there.

Because the beggar’s tin can model isn’t working. Civil isn’t gaining anything from their brother-can-you-spare-a-dime approach.

The reason is Big Tech was always a transitionary medium, and the online schtick is running out of steam. It was always an unstable medium, from computers to laptops to tablets to smartphones, there is no stability, and where do you go from here? Journalistic content is still stuck in the Victorian Era, it has no future because it is stuck in the past thinking they found the TORTEE and they are not letting go of the script they stole from someone else and memorized.

Dumb motherfuckers.

Of all of the people in that decaying rot, the only one left standing is Glenn Greenwald. He is the only one with a clue and an actual brain, but the bad news for the industry is that he is trained as a lawyer and wasn’t corrupted by a j-school education. He keeps pointing out that journalists are credulous stenographers, and that’s right on the money.

But so what? How do you stop infectors of the information stream?

Canada’s Jive Turkey’s answer is to pour money into their dead business. It is like putting a rotting corpse on life support.

But you don’t need morals nor intelligence to be a prime minister.

Or a journalist.

No one is teachable here. No one learns. It is a void vortex where everyone gets dragged in deeper and deeper into a big pile of dog shit…and for what? To enable a few spoiled brats who couldn’t operate a sock puppet from behind a piece of cardboard?

That’s why we’re placed on this planet? To indulge a few deluded motherfuckers with no sense of reality?

Not my style, kids.

2019 is going to be a lot of new things for me — and it won’t be taking place in the vortex, thank you very much…