The Grewal Saga gets more disturbing all the time...

How does a MP with over a million dollar gambling debt just repay his debts on a modest salary that quickly?

And how much can the electorate trust someone who wants back in with no understanding of the gravity of his actions?

He has a serious problem with his gambling. The end.

But he has much bigger problems: not having any understanding of why someone with that kind of problem, who has been on the RCMP radar, and one who is vulnerable to the criminal element by the very nature of his shady hobby.

But politics attracts a certain element. It always has attracted them by the nature of how it is set up, its lack of transparency, no accountability, and vulnerability to rigs.

He should be forced to resign. There is far more to this story than what the press is reporting. Name names of who was owed, and who paid off the debts. His gambling should have been reported from the moment he declared his candidacy just as Tony Clements little sex games should have been exposed when he declared his candidacy.

Journalists know. They hang around these people, and they see and hear all of the gossip, and they enable the worst by spinning hokey narratives with neither shame nor morals…