Meta-Propaganda and Reality Deniers: Everyone wants to be Big Brother these days.

When there is no empiricism, there is no credibility.

Imagine if the Internet allowed anyone to decree themselves a lawyer.

And then a judge.

Anyone can set up a web page and then make decrees.

Very few have the discipline to be credible.

I was just looking over the Free Thought Project.

And how other web sites are going after them, such as something called Media Bias/Fact Check.

Which is just as sloppy as the sites they are slagging.

With equal bullshit logos.


And the same pledges.

They use the same tricks. The same structure. The same techniques.

They are both forms of meta-propaganda.

They are the same sort of reality deniers.

Both are amateur outfits trying to sound official.

Neither has actual experience in doing the sorts of things they proclaim to do.

I have been busy lately conducting a couple of experiments online. I will give you the results soon enough for those.

But while the experiments are not of these two rival websites, I am testing structures to see what works and what doesn’t.

I am being empirical, if unorthodox, but I am experimenting to find facts.

These people make decrees, and have horrible messy and blue web sites.

And neither has any clue about journalism, let alone be able to make bold statements about it…