The Chaser Dilemma, Part Ten: Rules are such fragile things...turn them over, and they break.










The original Chaser evolved. It started out as one thing, turned into many more.

There came a point where I could get messages such as, “I have no idea what’s going on or what it means, but I love it.”

I had all sorts of strange things. There was always a purpose.

And then I walked away.

I had reasons, and many, but I was becoming complacent, and then I snapped right back to my senses.


There was a saying I used frequently, and it is the title of this post. The biggest mistake the Middle Class make is that they seek rules and follow them, never actually testing them, questioning them, or turning them over because they think they mean something, are real, and endure, which is just lazy and cowardly bullshit.

The moment you stop turning over rules is the moment you become complacent. You found the lies you are comfortable in obeying as you indulge your cowardice.

Turn over those rules, and they break wide open.

So, what rules will this site play by? None. It is going to be anarchy.

It will challenge the secret rules of anarchy as well as part of something beyond the alchemic. It will be the lab for experimental utopian scholarship.

No rituals, no rules, no signs, symbols, or omens.

No games of chess or go.


So to all those rules followers, you are going to dislike 2019 very much.

To the motherfuckers of the UK government who are bigots that once again blame Serbs for wanting peace in their homeland — and you are even encouraging war — don’t forget, you are going to have your every rule tested.

Do you think you lazy trolls can exploit Serbs to save yourselves from fuckery of Brexit?

Remember: you have your own Kosovos within your own borders.

You know the UK is going in for a crash and burn. They have a violence problem that is out of control, and meddling in Kosovo is not going to save them.

It will merely bring the same thing to their borders. This isn’t the 1990s.

The humbling is coming for a lot of old school players.

But for me, the party is just beginning.

I just have to think about how I will turn over rules, other people’s — and also my own…