Lots of shootings and homicides in Toronto...but let's keep lying to the little people!

How many homicides in Toronto in 2018?

94 as of today…way surpassing the previous record of 89.

But the worthless motherfuckers of the CBC are in denial because the bimbos think they can spin it:

Toronto breaks homicide record from 1991, but numbers don't tell whole story

The losers think that it is better because there were mass murders that happened in their city this year, so it is like it doesn’t count.

You fucking cowardly, propagandistic shits are really reaching. Do you scumbags realize that makes it worse?


Oh, and there were four shootings today.

But that is not the only propaganda in town. You have the press here acting as Amazon’s publicists all happy that Amazon is bringing some low-paying jobs here.

Just as their workers and customers everywhere else are screaming about the shitty conditions.

Other countries have some inkling of reality. The UK has just realized most of the female murder victims are killed by a man they know. And the US are starting to wonder about their economic future.

But not Canada, no sir. They don’t care if their womenfolk get slaughtered or raped: they’ll just get the National Post to blame the women for it. And their economy? Poverty is where it’s at!

That’s why we can never have a real discussion in this country about anything: it’s just immature bullshit.

You have inflated housing costs that drives up personal debt to un-payable levels, but don’t touch the Greenbelt!

And bring in illegal migrants!

Okay, where will all these people live? At your house? They will all go to a sure thing city like Toronto where there is no way they can afford it.

So then there is Hamilton, where there is the same housing crisis, where the poor are being shoved out by limousine liberal gentrification, so where do they go along with the migrants?

If you suggest to build more, they throw fits.

So what is the plan? People protest building in the Greenbelt, in poor neighbourhoods, and object to high-rise buildings, the only other solution available.

So what do you suggest? You want everything, but will trade off nothing.

Canada is not a bottomless pit.

You want to put the provinces and country in more debt with less to show for it?

You have a serious crime problem. You have a serious debt problem. You have a serious housing problem. You have a serious trade problem. You have a serious international reputation problem.

So why are you motherfuckers still sleepwalking when the cliff is one step away from you?

The press is lying to you, making up bullshit stories to lull you because if you fall off the cliff, they have something to write about.

The next step is yours.

Do you keep in denial?

Do you hope your imaginary friend They will come to your rescue, princesses?

Or do you actually wake up, look at the reality, and start adulting before the bullet comes to your head…