Authoritative Ennui in a Zero-Risk Nation: When there are no consequences, it is Alfred E. Neuman all the way.




The National Post’s lone sane man Andrew Coyne has a tough job: being aware of the situation, and this column is interesting:

Andrew Coyne: Trudeau seems unperturbed as trouble brews on all sides

The Liberal election strategy would appear to boil down to this: sit tight, and hope there’s no recession

Particularly the opening paragraph is of note:

The prime minister was his usual insouciant self through the traditional round of year-end interviews: a shrug here, a smile there, with comments just ambiguous enough to justify each news organization’s decision to trumpet its own interview without actually committing his government to anything.

Yes, why is the jive turkey so nonchalant given all the motherfuckery his regime is responsible for?

Why should he be anything else? What are the consequences to him if, let’s say, the worst happened to Canada? That we fall into a depression, all the social safety nets end up with giant holes in them, and everything collapses?

Not likely, but not that far from being unlikely.

What happens to him?

Will he be arrested and sent to jail? Will he be fined? Will he end up a pauper on the streets as punishment for being incompetent?

No. He will get a cushy job somewhere far away where he can have someone ghostwrite his memoirs, get a speechwriter, land a few gigs, and continue to be a jive turkey.

He will have all the money and time to cultivate his image, perhaps hire a crisis management team to rehabilitate his image, and spin excuses because those who were harmed by his policies and decisions will be too busy warding off homelessness and despair.

He has nothing on the line.

It reminds me of my Sociology of Mass Media professor when I was an undergrad studying psychology, and he thought game shows were a snore because you never actually lost. You got a consolation prize, and you lost nothing of your own.

To spice things up, he said, people should actually lose something for real, like their own refrigerator if they lost the game.

Being a leader in a Zero-Risk Nation is like being a loser contestant on a game show: the leader loses absolutely nothing if he loses the election. You see US presidents leave office and suddenly become near billionaires. How is that even possible? We never question anything or follow the money.

And while Canadian prime ministership is nowhere near that lucrative, there is no loss. You just don’t come back to the next episode of the long-running game show Fuck Up Your Country With Your Shitty Ideas.

Whoop di do.

I mean, here is a country insanely rich in profitable natural resources, and the government has to give over a billion dollars to keep one sector afloat.

You have a government that tried to give money to the dead industry of journalism quietly and had to backtrack when it came out. And instead of pushing for investment to reignite the industry with fresh blood, newspapers are stuck with the same old scribes who never met an accused rapist they couldn’t spin a bullshit story for. The same profession that nitpicks on people they do not like, but pretend they are perfect as they watch their fortunes crash and burn.

And yet they never do deep digging at just how precarious everything is, even when they notice that household debt is spiralling out of control, don’t seem to call the jive turkey on the carpet when he crows about that nation’s credit rating — the provinces can’t say the same thing, neither can your citizens.

So how long before the bankers start keeping everyone’s credit rating aligned?

A Zero-Risk Nation never holds people accountable — not the people who count. That would be an admission of fault and flaw — and an admission to the entire global village.

The shame! The horror!

The gamble.

Citizens should realize that no matter how bad it gets for them, those who put them in that bind will go on with a happy, care-free life. Of course it will always “sunny ways” for the PM: he knows that he will not be called on the carpet for anything, no matter how bad it ever gets. He can apologize for other Prime Minister’s bad ideas, but never has to say he is sorry for the consequences of his own actions. It is the greatest of rackets, and he can be confident that he’ll be re-elected because he is in a cushy job in a Zero-Risk nation.

Why should he worry? Why should he care? What are the mechanisms in place that would bring about any other outcome?

None. The top job in the nation and there is not a single thing anyone can do should the one keeping that chair warm make a colossal mess of things…