Canada's Jive Turkey Dilemma.



Canada is going full-steam ahead into an abyss, and with the federal elections not that far away, even publications such as the Hill Times are starting to realize that Canada is fucked:

Liberals should be ‘exceptionally concerned’ about potential recession in 2019, voters’ anxiety on ‘unrestricted immigration,’ says Nanos

The recession is already here. You see homeless beggars in traditional Middle Class cities and towns such as Dundas and Burlington that were never there before. Housing in Hamilton is unaffordable and there is no relief in sight. You see the number of empty store fronts. Weed is proving to be a problem, but not for the traditional reasons that the government is spewing in their press releases: shortages have nothing to do with it — it is about how much money the government isn’t getting in taxes.

If they were generating enough tax revenue, they would (a) give more licenses, not slow it down, and (b) Ontario wouldn’t be making all those shocking cuts and have their credit rating downgraded.

Why not hold it off? Why would Moody’s downgrade Ontario now?

Because something more incompetent is in play in the federal regime.

Because we have a jive turkey for a PM.

The problem is his rivals are also jive turkeys.

And there is an election looming ahead.


2019 will be unpredictable. For one, the US isn’t done with Canada. The set-up has been completed, but the pay-off is coming, even if the jive turkeys are trying to spin their bullshit. That’s more than obvious. Canada now has too many battles, and it isn’t used to one battle, let alone several.

And the PM has an uncanny talent for stepping in dog shit with reckless abandon.

He is focussed on bullshit, such as trying to get out of the deal with the Saudis that actually just hurts Canada, not the Saudis. That is not something to bother with when there are bigger troubles on the eve of exploding.

He is the epitome of a jive turkey, using window-dressing as proof. Canada’s credit rating can go the same way as Ontario’s. We are not exactly a country of clout, and should someone take a closer look, the scam starts to unravel.

And it is starting unravel by having the federal Grits buy their own hype and then get involved with irrelevant affairs in Saudi Arabia and China.

Why did Canada get involved when they had no horse in this race? Or with China where they also had no horse in this race, either, having nothing to gain, and everything to lose at the worst possible time?

The problem is that the world has figured out Canada is a nation lead by a jive turkey. If you think blustering is a cagey bluff to hide how inconsequential you are, think again. Once the US signalled that they were not going to shelter us anymore because our prime minister is a jive turkey, the jig was up.


When you are a nation led by a jive turkey, you have problems. For all the babble about how Trump is dishonest, he has an excellent track record of getting done what he said he would do. You look at the bottom line, and he may use war strategy that is predicated on deception, but the end result’s truth is what counts — and it is the only thing that counts.

Middle class people are not educated well in the art of war; so they have no idea how to look at things or what they see. They just read the maudlin Hallmark mother’s day card, and think that’s all they need to know about life.

And in a way, that’s a relief; so long as they know they have no horse in this race and shouldn’t weigh in.

Journalists are even less schooled in it, and write bullshit about about how the PM wasn’t baited, when fell for every Trumpian pull my finger gambit under the sun. The press in Canada know a single script and stick with it hoping no one notices that they are faking it.

Trudeau has a serious credibility problem himself. He abandons promises, has no ability to stay focussed on anything but his own image, and has no gravitas or clout to do anything on a global stage. He wants to be Barak Obama, but while Obama lacked gravitas for most of his presidency, he was shrewd and had the might of the US to make a fairly good impression on a world stage. His wife Michelle, on the other hand, has gravitas that she seems to hold back, but if she were to run for her husband’s old job, she would be wise to unleash it unedited.

Trudeau’s wife has no gravitas, and neither does he. They are common and unremarkable. This plays well in Canada because the goal is to fly under the radar just enough not be expected to do extra work.

The problem is there is a big storm up ahead and there is going to be a serious clean-up detail.

And the prime minister has no idea what that means. He has no idea what work means. He cannot prepare for a storm if he doesn’t understand how flimsy everything is, and that you have things to clean up and then rebuild.

But the opposition parties picked parity leaders who are of the same ilk.

They appeal to the Middle Class who play it safe. They do not know what real work entails, or that gambling isn’t a strategy.

Trump greatly appealed to the poor and the working class because despite everything about him, he knows hard work.

He works hard and he plays hard, and those classes who toil, immediately could see it. The lazy limousine liberals and champagne socialists hate him with a passion because they hate work.

They are always demanding that some They do all of the work. They want illegal immigrants to nanny their children and do the jobs they do not want to do. They can pretend all they want, but if they cared about migrants, they would be opening their own houses to them and sponsoring them so that they wouldn’t be in this country illegally.

But that takes work.

Jive turkeys hate work. They do a lot of talking just so that they do not have to actually do this thing called “werk.”

The PM is a slacker. So are his rivals.

And Canada is entering a dangerous phase where the end result is going to be hard work.

The middle class and their unremarkable children are going to have meltdowns because the reality that there is no such thing as a sure thing is going to hurt. Everyone is pinning salvation on weed sales and housing, and that is not going to work.

Canada is unprepared. They are so used to nannying and entitlement that they don’t know that the danger has already made its presence known.

Work never bothered me. I will not allow myself to be exploited or abused, but work means getting up early and going to bed late. It means I can assess what needs work and when, and do not meddle in things where I have no benefit, but meddling with make things worse, giving me extra and unnecessary work with nothing to show for it at the end.

But the Liberal Regime have no clue. They just make messes on a global scale, and think their servants can clean up their messes, and their servants are as entitled duffers as they are.

You have school boards in Ontario who have no idea where money went and for what, but throw fits when it gets taken away.

If you understood the value of a dollar, you would know within the dollar where it went, and how much bang you got for that buck.

And I know it first-hand. When I moved, I made phone calls to various businesses because when you move, you have to have things done, and it would be nice to have it done by professionals.

And all of all of them, only two showed up on time and did the job. The rest never showed up, let alone show up late. There was always an excuse, and I had to do all of it myself.

Once upon a time, I could call a business, set up an appointment, get service 100% of the time. I would be satisfied, and I would rarely get someone trying to hose me.

Now, it’s mostly jive turkeys. Jive turkeys who do not understand you either pay now or pay later.

And we are about to pay very shortly with no leader capable of understanding work, let alone partake in the blessed deed themselves…