Memo to NPR: Stop pretending local papers were guardians. I worked for a local paper. It was all about keeping on the good side of businesses.

Here is a piece of journalistic propaganda from NPR:

Local Newspaper Closures Come With Hefty Price Tag For Residents


Local papers aren’t exactly in the investigative, hard news business. They cover county fairs, tell you who won Miss Small Potatoes, and get their reporters to cover happy and feel-good dreck, like bridesmaids dresses and foreign exchange students. They kiss up to city council, and they pander to businesses.

It’s community advertising.

I worked at a local paper when I started, and there wasn’t some sort of drive to uncover any dark business.

Companies polluted for decades and were lavishly praised in local media. Churches had child molesting priests — where was the press to cover that when it was happening in real-time?

There is no “hefty" price.” Even now, local news is not broken by journalists — but by citizens on social media. No journalist found out about Tori Stafford’s murderers getting easier places to serve their time — her father broke it on Facebook, and only then did the CBC essentially say, yeah, this happens all the time.

Where the fuck were the local papers?

Covering bad boy politicians with positive press.

One of the things I do is follow and graph press coverage when a scandal breaks. I take the person or event, and then go back to the local press and look for every article or newscast I can find about it prior to the scandal.

100% of the time in North America, the local press coverage gives no hint about it.

So NPR is bullshitting the public yet again.

But journalists are being heavy-handed with their self-serving propaganda, trying to make the public believe they were doing their jobs — if they were, they would still be strong.

They are not, and that tells all you need to know…