Journalists continue to blame their own owners for their troubles. It is everyone's else's fault, never their own.

It never ends. The “It’s Everyone’s Else’s Fault” narrative that has turned the journalistic collective into stupid children continues, this time, in The New York Times, with this opinion propaganda:

Who Killed The Weekly Standard?

The bureaucratic mind has a temporary triumph.

The entire thesis is Evil Owner up against Hero Victim Reporters.

No, really:

John Podhoretz, one of the magazine’s founders, reports that they actively prevented potential buyers from coming in to take it over and keep it alive. They apparently wanted to hurt the employees and harvest the subscription list so they could make money off it. And Anschutz, being a professing Christian, decided to close the magazine at the height of the Christmas season, and so cause maximum pain to his former employees and their families.

The Grinch who stole Christmas? Has the Times actually noticed the number of companies not being able to make it to Christmas this year?

But the paranoid conspiracy theory does not end there:

In reality, this is what happens when corporate drones take over an opinion magazine, try to drag it down to their level and then grow angry and resentful when the people at the magazine try to maintain some sense of intellectual standards. This is what happens when people with a populist mind-set decide that an uneducated opinion is of the same value as an educated opinion, that ignorance sells better than learning.

In that sense, the closing of The Standard resembles Chris Hughes’s destruction of the old New Republic. This is what happens when the commercial forces trying to dumb down the American media run into a pocket of people trying to resist those forces.

Yes, because journalists are flawless and valiant crusaders, and those big meany Pro-Trump owners are taking out their big guns, stuffing it with cow shit, and firing it at them.


Opinion magazines are redundant in a world with social media because people like their own opinions better than other people’s. Opinion is cheap and easy filler, and opinion magazines are cheap to produce; so if an owner wants to get rid of an opinion rag, there is a good reason for it.

The self-serving narrative isn’t aligned with reality. Those in the profession still don’t get what has happened. They are thinking in the same scripted way they did thirty years ago, and the rules no longer apply.

If they weren’t so busy being arrogant, they would see that they aren’t smarter than the “populist” people they keep seeing as beneath them.

If the profession truly wanted to save themselves, they would start looking at themselves, and writing an exposé on their own.

The way I have been writing exposés on the profession for years.

I want a better method to inform society. I want progress and improvement.

I don’t want to sit in cow shit the way everyone else in the profession sits in cow shit and wallows how everything stinks.

Yes, motherfuckers, sitting in cow shit stinks. You stink. Your profession stinks. Your attitude stinks. Your work stinks.

And it is so unnecessary. It is like dealing with a stubborn, but stupid child who cries that he smells like cow shit after he jumps in a pile of cow shit that you repeatedly told him not to jump in.

Then he bitches how it is yucky and stinky as no other kids wants to play with him, calls him smelly, and it’s all their fault.

And you just sit there and wonder if it is the arrogance that makes the brat a worthless dummy, or he is just unteachable.

If you want change, march yourself in front of the mirror and look at all the cow shit on you. Acknowledge the cow shit is the same cow shit you jumped into despite repeated warnings from the world, especially Alexandra Kitty. Admit it is a stupid thing to do. Then go wash it off. Get rid of the cow shit. You may have to take multiple baths.

Then dry yourself off and look in the mirror again.

Then do not go running into and rolling around in another pile of cow shit ever again.

The end.

Happy ending!

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