Memo to the Deputy Mayor of St. John's: Fuck you and your call for propaganda.

Shirley McAlary, the Deputy Mayor of St. John’s wants something very bad:

Deputy mayor of Saint John calls for ban on bad news, wants more positivity

The Reality Deniers are always jonesing for propaganda that makes them look good instead of facts that doesn’t.

Yes, You Majesty, let us hide all of your regime’s incompetence and report on advertising! Positive news is advertising, not news.

She tried to backtrack, but no one with a brain is buying it:

McAlary suggested, during a committee meeting this week discussing the city’s growth priorities, that there be a four-month ban on negative news.

“Part of that was said in jest,” she said.

“I know the media are not going to start not reporting the news, but I want us to be more up on the positive stories. I don’t know how many times I’ve read in national media that in the last few years we’ve had a decline in population, for example. We don’t have to say that every time we have an interview with somebody.”

Nothing was said “in jest”. News isn’t drooling over some kid who won Miss Small Potatoes at the county fair: it is about the dangers and troubles that need attention. There is no such thing as positive news. That’s propaganda.

And politicians shouldn’t be meddling in it. If journalism was done right, no politician would ever be smiling for the camera. You’d all go running to puke whenever a real information-gatherer came knocking and asked you how much your desk cost, and how much taxpayer money you were wasting on yourself today, or to draw up a list of all of the work that you did that day that fixed a problem.

No sunny spinning rot. No trying to find “happy news” and really, Canadian journalists always look for the bright side, even during disasters; so what the fuck are you complaining about?

Life may be grand for a deputy mayor, but there are children in your town who are getting raped, tortured, pimped out, and exploited. The news will never be good for them.

There are homeless people there, and life isn’t good for them. There are sick people who can’t work and are being bullied into ending their lives as to not to be a burden or spend all of the inheritance money, kids getting bullied at school, women getting pummelled by their mates, businesses ripping people off, drug addicts who have no sense of self anymore, prices rising without wages following suit, and all sorts of other shit going on each and every day.

And you want more “positive news”?

Fuck you.

You should have your office in the worst part of town, or in a homeless shelter, a psychiatric ward, prison, drug rehab, emergency room, or women’s shelter. That is where I would stick politicians: not in an ivory tower, but in the place that is the worst and needs the most attention.

Then we’ll have a discussion of how wannabe news director Shirley McAlary deals with reality.