Even when the National Post gets a clue, they Lestrade it. Mycroft Holmes they are not...

I have been saying for months that Canada is being isolated from the global stage, and this has been a slow, strategic, and deliberate process.

I will say now do not expect this game to be over anytime soon. We are merely in the first arc of this torture.

The game is strategic and the Canadian federal regime are arrogant morons and trolls who keep making things very easy.

Look at the how strategic this isolation has been:

The United States has slapped “national security” tariffs on us. Not just any tariffs. Our prime minister was accused of being a slimy boyish deceiver by the US president, and we lost our rights with USMCA. That takes care of North America.

Then came the dispute with Saudi Arabia with big dummy Chrystia Freeland mishandling that as well. Saudi Arabia has marked us and struck at us with no sign of ending their punishment. That takes care of the Middle East.

And now China. They, too have declared Canada an enemy with no forgiveness in sight, and their retaliation is only beginning. That takes care of Asia.

Do we see a pattern, children?

Do you realize South America and Europe will also have powerful players on the Hate Canada list in the near future, and those streams are already starting to show themselves?

This is a political and economic Gesamtkunstwerk: this methodical take-down has an artistic flair with everything being part of this disturbing masterpiece.

Canadians get snooty and pride themselves on being liked globally, and now, all of a sudden, that narrative — the only trick in our bag — has been disproven.

It took the National Post this long to realize that Canada is being isolated.

You don’t say! Reading my web site for story ideas again, children?

And memo to the National Post: your “guide” for watching the Fox News Channel is seriously wanting.

The superior one was written in 2005, by me, and it still applies.


What are we going to do with you, children? What is going to happen when the dumbass motherfuckers of the federal government get so stymied that they can’t give away monies to the newspaper owners in sneaky ways, anymore, like they did for your pals at the Toronto Star who had their contract canceled after word got out?

Canada is in serious shit. It is in serious, mothefucking shit up to its eyeballs. It has zero to do with us babbling about “human rights.” No one is actually buying that bullshit story when they see First Nations people live in shacks without so much as electricity as they mourn of the women that vanished; so just because a few universities have a faculty and make a disclaimer that they are on First Nations land, means nothing but lip service and insincere virtue-signalling.

It also has nothing to do with our paltry economic power or political clout.

It has everything to do with our natural resources.

China has been busy in this department for years, buying up mines and other raw areas in Africa and Serbia — all for a song.

You don’t think they were making nice with Canada because we’re so cute and cool, did you?

And now that they see the US has staked their claim and their intentions and mean it, it is war, and Canada is the battleground.

We are in uncharted territory without allies, but plenty of vulnerabilities, and a regime of goobers that the press insists on trying to pass off as competent, although others have seen how they could have dodged a bullet, but didn’t.

You have no idea what’s in store for you. Ontario tried to cut it off at the pass, but Moody’s still downgraded this province at the worst possible time. Think about it.

2019 is going to be an ugly year for the Reality Deniers, Script Followers, and Thought Thieves. They are in for a series of serious shocks and jolts like they have never experienced before.

But it was all avoidable, if only they thought their own ideas and faced reality instead of looking for scripts to crib…