December Update

Just finished the final assignment for my course and am waiting for my final grade; so that is a big thing out of the way. I am still in the process of moving, and that’s going to be two weeks in mess until I get everything settled, but it’s coming.

I am on the last sections of a One Shot for the World’s Most Dangerous Woman, and hoping to finish it tonight or tomorrow.

I have a year-end review to do here as well, but that’s not exactly hard to do for me.

2019 has me starting to write an art book with a US publisher, and I am very excited about that because it is about one of my all-time favourite art forms. I get to do a lot of photography which I love to do, but don’t usually get a chance to do a lot of it as part of my job.

Chaser is on the back burner for the next week or so because there is a queue, and it can wait.

I have some other things in various stages, but I don’t have much to say at this point.

I have to get back into shape. 2018 ran me ragged. I have my theremin here next to me, and I want to start playing it again. I have a lot of my art supplies in boxes, and I miss my encaustic painting and my metalworking.

Teaching this year was out of the question given what happened, but it is something I am focussing on for 2019.

It’s funny: when I tell people what happened to me in 2018 in its entirety, their faces blanche; however, life has a funny way of introducing you to those who had a more horrific time with no relief in sight. I am not one to be relieved that there are people who suffered more. I don’t want suffering of people, period.

But 2018 really was the Year from Below Hell for me, and I couldn’t do anything about it. I am Batman-prepared by nature, but there was no Bat-plan that could have prevented things. I prefer when I have control and can be proactive, but that wasn’t happening.

Yet I got through it. I had my book published, and so far, have a 98% average in the course. I secured another book deal on a completely different topic, and I am healthy.

I have been settling my affairs one by one. A Dangerous Woman is still active, and I did not think I would be resurrecting Chaser, of all things.

But I have managed to see the big picture, and am working toward it.

All I can say is that I didn’t give up. I became more dedicated to my goals, not less.

And that says a lot, and I am relieved…