Why we need real shit disturbers.

WikiLeaks had the right idea. Just look at this bullshit front-page from Australia:


You’re “here for us”, but don’t have the guts to go against the Establishment?

The “media can’t report it there” decrees the Washington Post.

Fuck the gag order. If every single media outlet in Australia said that Cardinal George Pell was found guilty of sexually abusing children, and removed from the Pope’s “inner circle”, then the government would have had a war — and if your mandate is to warn people and inform them, sometimes, you have to tell the Man he’s a worthless motherfucker and he can take his decrees and shove it.

And what will the Man do? Risk having their own sins exposed picking a fight? Go after the press when they damn well know that the Middle Class are going to side with people who tell them a bad man molested and raped their children, and then not re-elect those fat cats come next election?

In life, sometimes you have to get your ass in trouble. Rosa Parks got in trouble.


And she got arrested by The Man.

She stood her ground, and now, there is no crime for fucking sitting on a bus seat regardless of race because there never should have been a crime in the first place.

So, a child molester got convicted of being a scum bucket. Don’t tell me how you are following a stupid law.

Tell me who the fuck got convicted and why so that other victims can come forward, too.

And everyone in the world can see why authority figures are total assholes who cannot be trusted to be unsupervised.

That is the reason why journalists should not be sheep, but shit disturbers.

Too bad that WikiLeaks wasn’t appreciated the way it should have been.

Because that’s what you need. Not another lie about how great it is to be a follower.

But how you have to be vigilant because you never know who is misusing their power to destroy you…