Memo to USA Today: the only ones unhinged are you. Half the country approves of the president. Most don't approve of you.

Hot off the heels of Time magazine declaring journalists Person of the Year, USA Today is upping the propaganda machine with this piece of obnoxious bullshit.

The fact remains that Trump is, in fact, a president whose approval ratings are on par with other US presidents. That means that people are not following journalist decrees and are making up their own minds.

But journalists are not very clever. They want a predictable president: one who follows rules so their pundits can look smart reading off a script. They hate mavericks and eccentrics because those people have something they always lacked: courage.

Barak Obama was a safe president. He obliged the script. He wore the mask and dutifully did what reporters thought he should do.

Trump doesn’t play. As I have said repeatedly, he is playing a far more complex game than journalists can compute. They aren’t just mad that he bypassed them to win the election; he is not marching like a dutiful little soldier to their specifications, and they are in a prolonged meltdown mode.

It is reporters who have become unhinged.

I have had no problem deciphering Donald Trump, for example from the day he announced his candidacy. If you understand the Game of Go, you can understand Donald Trump. If you understand the science of risk-taking, there is no murkiness here. None.

You would think that by now, journalists would calm down, stop being hysterical temper tantrum throwing lunatics, and observe and learn.

But they are very conniving. They do not want to admit any defect. They want the bygone days where they had all the power and control.

Assholes, the ship has sailed.

Journalists do not get that they are the villains, not the heroes in this farce, no matter how hard they try to sell a lie to the little people.

But how psychopathic is this self-serving bullshit story?

Try this for size:

Fixing our politics requires draining the office of both its formal powers and out-sized importance in American life.

In other words, we should ignore the Constitution, and the will of the electorate and take away the president’s powers because he isn’t playing by the rules sanctioned by the news media.

That is beyond sick. That is trying to overthrow a president by inciting a public, and it is treasonous.

Fuck you, USA Today. You scumbuckets never knew fuck all about journalism, and now you have decided to try to manipulate the public into regaining the power that you were never given in the first place.

No wonder the president calls you fake news: if you were real news, you would be reporting, not conning people into fucking up their country just because you couldn’t stop democracy or rig an election to suit your own vile purposes…