The re-launching of Chaser News, Part Forty-Four: It is all about being a magician, and knowing the greatest trick of them all.

I have always had a love affair with magic.


I knew it well, but my hands are not built to do magic tricks.

But I always was fascinated how someone could fool a room full of people and deceive a collective’s perceptions of reality.


I learned a lot from studying magic.


One was that people love novelty, but they hate change.

It is okay if it is the shallow and cosmetic kind, but visionary, deep changes are despised.

The Internet was a rare exception because it’s shallow novelty gave it an edge, and destroyed journalism because they hate change most of all.

A shrewd politician knows that to be popular, he should offer novelty, but no change. Don’t let the lies of the middle class fool you. Sure, you’ll have people babble and spew how they want socialism, and all that jazz, but if you should give it to them, they will hate you forever.

The good old days when people had to work hard to survive ensured that people didn’t have all this free time to think up bullshit.

They refuse to work on their own shortcomings, but get offended at statues.

Of dead people, of course. It is safe to slag a corpse. A living person is going to sue and hire a powerful PR firm to bury the haters.

The Internet brought that shallow passivity, but deep down, everyone knows the clock is ticking on this nose-tweaking bullshit game.

Notice how Canadians reacted at GM closing one plant in Oshawa.

No one said, “Hey, big fucking deal, we have legal weed now, and people can get jobs in that industry.”

Not the leader of the province, the country, or any expert or pundit.

Remember that.

And it has been around since October, a very recent employment option, that isn’t crossing anyone’s minds.

Because deep down, we know it is not going to save Canada.

Because for many people, the change they hate is already happening, and not the shallow novelty.

A shrewd politician knows it, and uses sleight of hand to make it seem as if something real is happening, but makes sure it is the safe and established status quo.

The egotist wants his “imprint”, and makes changes that frighten the middle class who shit their pants and howl.

The prime minister has an inferiority complex, and knows he is a lightweight ditz, and he is too stupid to know that is the reason the middle class voted for him: they don’t want change. They want the novelty of his socks and hair.

All he had to do was smile for photo ops, and he could have been prime minister for life.

But he has no idea that the middle class want a middle manager and a trade show model rolled into one. Look good at cocktail parties, fake laugh at people’s dumb jokes, feign interest in their bullshit stories, and then go the fuck home.

But when Trump blew into town, the Liberal regime made a huge tactical error, and they wanted to prove something, and so they got in Trump’s face, instead of flying under the radar, and lying low until he blustered out.

A shrewd politician does nothing. The less you do and say, the better it is. it is harder to do nothing, but easier in the long run.

People will always level complaints at politicians. It is a habit. They catch their spouse fucking the cheated on spouse’s “best friend”, and the idiot has to blame someone instead of getting a lawyer and taking the cheat to the cleaners.

And then they take it out on the leader of a nation. It is someone else’s fault.

When you have a society built on show, and everything is fake and false, go along for the ride.

If you are dependent on votes of the little people for your pay check, you do very little. Don’t rock the boat.

If you have a compulsion to point out lies, be a visionary, and don’t give a flying fuck what people think, politics is not going to be your bag.

And it is not mine.

I am going to tell you it’s your fault you’re a big chicken before telling you off. My political motto would be, “Alexandra Kitty is not running for Santa Claus — so keep your fucking wish lists to yourselves.”

But just because I won’t go on stage and do a dog and pony show for the little people, it doesn’t mean I don’t know the tricks and stunts of the magician.

I do.

I will expose them because that’s what I do best.


Seeing those feints, ruses, and sleight of hands, even from afar to know how the trick is playing — and on whom…