In an Age of Propaganda, even the watchmen play in the gutter.

CNN’s days of real journalism ended about twenty years ago. The Boys of Baghdad were just about it.

That network replaced news with trash. They went for gossip and super-stories that had a soap opera vibe.

Larry King was right that CNN stopped doing news, but they stopped doing it long ago.

What has happened since Trump is that CNN stopped pretending to be news.

CNN are your vulgar poor relations that make you cringe when they come for a social gathering: you endure their drama and egos as they let the world know they play in the gutter, but most people suck it up and put up with that crap because they feel obligated.

But Trump is president and he is one of those people who tells you to your face that you’re full of shit.

And he threw that obnoxious and annoying relative out of his White House, and now CNN, like the trailer park trash it has become, is howling, shocked that Trump is having the time of his life telling the world that CNN is too vulgar to be around him.

It is the comedy of a Sucker Circus, and it is being made over into a deliberate farce to lure the suckers deeper into the indignant games. Jake Tapper throws a hissy, comparing Trump to a gangster, which is rich, considering all the press has done is gang up together on the president because they couldn’t force people to vote for Bill Clinton’s little woman.

Jim Acosta thinks Trump is trying to shut CNN down — why would he when they give him free publicity to be outrageous?

7.4 billion humans on planet Earth, and the asshole press is only able to focus on one person.


Monomania is a mental illness.

And a sign of a sick press.

And why bother with social media and all when millions or billions of people have just one focus?

There is no point.

But that is what happens when you are living in an Age of Propaganda.

You get sucked into a vortex that bombards you with a single idea with no outside fresh air to keep you awake.

One idea. One narrative. One focus.

And you get lost when you just think about The One.

You lose your sense of values and your sense of your place in the world, let alone your sense of self.

This is a fight between a Go Master and a group of egotistical knuckle-draggers who think they can behave poorly and suffer no consequences.

Because once upon a time, when journalism was a thing, reporters could destroy lives and get away with it.

And the world changed as it got away from their gangster grip, and they never saw it coming.

Now the brutes in suits are throwing diva fits, and it is just another low-class act in the sucker circus.

There are many horrendous things that have been ignored because of this theatre, and you can wonder how many of those secrets games are eroding your quality of life and you are not seeing it because there are no watchmen on alert because they got tricked into going in the gutter where they now make their miserable home…