National Post's Managandaist excuses for Tony Clement continue.

Christie Blatchford, the resident National Post’s managandist and scum bucket apologist, is excusing Tony Clement with the age-old bullshit story that boys will be boys and men have no self-control:

Clement a reminder when it comes to lust, brains are first thing to go


Sex has nothing to do with it.

Because if men have no control over themselves, then it stands to reason we must strip them of all of their rights and powers, and herd them into cages where they can do no damage with their loins because they are beasts who must be oppressed because, by golly, they have no higher-brain functions and they are just going to fuck anything that moves.

It is funny how men have control of themselves when they want or need something.

Clement was practicing an age-old tradition of getting things he wanted with his unexpected uninhibited behaviour. Men who sexually harass others at work or even assault women are not doing it for the sex. It is just a weapon of terrorism or a way to unbalance, distract, confuse, or disarm a target directly or indirectly. Sex may be the excuse or justification, but that is a lie. Unremarkable men like Clement did not get as far as he did because he was blinded by lust.

He was merely emboldened because he got things his own way even though there was nothing extraordinary about him and he got spoiled and left with an impression that he was more cunning than people around him.

And if left unchecked, those ideas go to extremes in some others. It reminds me of Tori Stafford’s murderer, a paunchy nobody who had women do extraordinary things for him, such as one who turned tricks to get him a vehicle. Then when that power went to his head, he got one to lure a little girl for him to rape, torture, and murder.

Sex didn’t drive that killer. The rewards of power did. The weapon of choice may be sex, but if sex doesn’t do it, threats of blacklisting, deprivation, violence, or destruction will. It is no different than the manipulators who resort to crocodile tears and claim sadness or weaknesses when they are exposed as being untrustworthy and selfish, but when you are unmoved by their waterworks and excuses, suddenly they shut off the act, and anger and aggression quickly replace it.

It is funny how fast those Koh masks change depending on the angle of the lighting. Illuminate by denial and standing your ground, and you see that far from emotions guiding the person, it is pure, cold, calculating logic.

The West is a society of ignorant enablers who make big decrees, but never looking at any evidence refuting their bullshit stories. Clement is not some poor little boy lost who is a slave to his domineering penis. Those men get distracted and never get far in life. They don’t have the focus to succeed.

And Clement went far too high up the food chain for that argument to hold any water…