What the fuck, CBC? What's with the "sad woman" picture? Stop portraying women as cowards scared of life.

Look at this picture that CBC gave the slug “sad woman.”

Screen Shot 2018-11-07 at 10.16.02 PM.png

And this is the article it illustrates:

Saskatchewan 1st to introduce Clare's Law, aimed at stopping domestic violence

I read the article, and that photograph has no reason to be there. It is just a Shutterstock image.

So what the fuck?

Why are you using that picture? You have some skinny, bare-legged woman hiding her head in the darkness. Damsel in distress retreating and hiding from life? A victim who just sits there and lets the attacker just come and get her?


Could we stop that sexist shit once already?

It is a stupid and monolithic tone to set. You don’t need that image. How about something from real life? The law is based on a murdered woman: use her image. Or those who lobbied and passed the bill.

That law did not come about because someone sat in an empty room passively.

It came because of action, assholes.

So the Patriarchal propaganda image doesn’t need to be there, thank you very much...