Unreasonable facsimile of journalist gets called out and loses his credentials.

CNN’s Jin Acosta isn’t some heavy-setting reporter who finds stuff. He is, at best, a loud mouth schnook.

The president calls him a “rude, terrible person”, and he is right. Just because Acosta follows the crowd like a well-trained lapdog, doesn’t make him anything but a thug and a bully. Fuck him.

And then Acosta got his little White House press credentials revoked. Boo fucking hoo.

If journalists thought they won this round, they are, as usual, delusional. The Democrats failed to get the Senate, the branch of government that actually counts, and that is saying something considering the US electorate usually do it regardless of who is in the White House or from what party they are.

In fact, that the disorganized Republicans picked up seats goes to show that despite the never-ending propaganda from both the press and the nouveau riche Left-wing Big Tech meddlers, people are not paying attention to them.

The Left didn’t get a victory, and I suspect the supposed win is not going to bode well for them for one big reason: people will start looking at which rich white Left robber barons contributed to which politicians, and see they are the same cabal who are funding both journalism outlets and the so-called watchdog operates. It’s all on public record, and it will be easy for their rivals to identify them as they nullify their effects.

That alleged journalists such as Acosta never bother telling the public those kinds of important stories of people who exploited their workers, secretly took data for people, and then try to influence both the elections and press coverage even though they weren’t elected, making them non-journalists, but enablers.

If I were the president, press credentials would be revoked and then journalists would have to pass skill-and knowledge tests to get back in — and you know not a single one of them would pass…